SonicGear SonicBar 5300BT Review – Excellent Budget Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer!

140W max output power, 5.25″ powerful wireless subwoofer, clear dialogue, 4 type connection (Bluetooth, HDMI ARC, AUX & digital optical), theatre surround technology, tranquilizing LED interface and remote control… Yes, enjoy all these wonderful features with the latest SonicGear SonicBar 5300BT Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer. Sound great? Let’s find out now…

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Package Content & Design
SonicBar 5300BT comes in a big white package. Both soundbar and subwoofer are in the same box. And other useful accessories like remote control, two 39.6W power adaptors, optical cable, screws for wall mount and user manual are there too.

Excellent build quality for the price. Stylish and elegant in design. About the same length as 27″ monitor by the way. I love the soundbar with soft fabric cover on the front and top parts. The rest are solid glossy plastic. By the way, it is loaded with 40 x 80 mm speaker driver. Have 17.5W RMS output power each. And you can’t miss the useful big LCD indicator and buttons in the middle.

At the bottom, 2 anti-skid pads can be found on both left and right. The reflex port and wall mounts are near there too.

In the middle, there are AUX, optical, HDMI ARC and DC in. Yes, 4 types of connections for you and me.

Meet the compact wireless subwoofer. Rock solid build quality. It is loaded with sturdy MDF wood as housing. Comes with 5.25″ speaker driver with fabric cover on the right. The reflex port is located at the front bottom part. It has 35W RMS output power.

No wire to connect to the soundbar since it is wireless. In addition, you can place it anywhere that you prefer easily. But it needs to have its own power source.

Performance Result
All-in-one audio entertainment system to rule them all. Yes, SonicGear SonicBar 5300BT is loaded with 4 useful connection types. Bluetooth for mobile devices, HDMI ARC for TV, optical for TV box and AUX for older devices. Thanks to digital connections like HDMI ARC and optical, everything is processed by the soundbar directly. You get the cleanest audio quality through digital. Do use them.

Besides digital, Bluetooth connection is performing very well too. It is able to get connected up to 8m with obstacles like wall. As for response, it is excellent with virtually no lag between video and audio. So playing games and watching movie on smartphone / tablet with 5300BT are great.

70W RMS total power output is good enough to blast in a large quiet living room. Yup, you can enjoy much louder and powerful sound when compared to TV built-in speakers. Same applies to monitor too. The very first thing that you will notice – deep and powerful bass from the subwoofer. Those TV/monitor’s speakers can’t produce those. Therefore, rest assured that it will bring a lot of excitement to all your entertainments like games, TV drama and movies.

Sound Quality
As for sound signature, it is flexible. All thanks to treble and bass adjustment. There are 3 equalizers for you to select from too. (not much difference between them though). So you can have flat, balanced, V-shape or U-shape sound signature. Totally up to you. Personally, I lowered the bass level to -4 and bump up treble to +2. For 3D surround sound, I can’t feel the difference between on and off. Hmm…

Excellent sound for the price! That’s what you get from SonicGear SonicBar 5300BT. With the flexible sound signature, it can output whatever kind of sound you prefer. For details, the highs are clear and clean. Sparkling if you turn up the treble level more. Mids are great. Vocal for both males and females sounds natural. Other musical instruments sound clear as well. As for bass, it is powerful for a 35W subwoofer. You can feel the bass bumping here and there. Just don’t over push it will do. Again, be sure to fine-tune everything to suit your taste. That’s all.


  • Clear treble with amazing bass
  • Wide & fast Bluetooth 5.0
  • HDMI ARC & optical support
  • Excellent build quality
  • Wireless subwoofer
  • Remote control included


  • 3D surround sound not working?

A nice budget companion for TV and PC monitor. Enjoy clear treble and amazing bass through the wireless subwoofer. Don’t forget the digital connection – HDMI ARC and optical. In short, SonicGear SonicBar 5300BT is great for gaming, watching movies and music listening. Wait no more and get yours at Lazada or Shopee. Enjoy it!