Pulsar Xlite V2 Wireless Review – Solid, Accurate & Responsive Ultra-Lightweight Gaming Mouse!

2.4GHz wireless & wired support, extremely light with better weight distribution, flagship PixArt’s PAW3370 sensor with 400 IPS speed, 50g acceleration & 20,000 programmable DPI and durable Kailh GM 8.0 switch with clicks up to 80 million times. Yes, you can enjoy all these wonderful features on the latest Pulsar Xlite V2 Wireless Gaming Mouse. Working great? Let’s find out now…

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Package Content
Pulsar Xlite V2 Wireless comes well-protected. There are Xlite V2 Wireless Mouse, wireless receiver adapter, wireless receiver, USB-C cable, sticker, safety info and quick start guide. As usual, take your time to go through the guide.

For your information, the cable is a 1.8m superflex paracord cable. You can either use the mouse with wireless receiver or connect through wired.

Design & Build Quality
Excellent build quality for the price. Solid plastic housing with smooth matte surface. Perfect for right-handed with great ergonomic. Suitable for medium to large hands. Grip types like palm and claw styles are supported. Fingertip mode is possible too but for big hand only. Yup, every buttons and scroll wheel can be accessed easily. Ultra-light in weight. Period. Yes, Xlite V2 weights at 59g only. Really lightweight for a wireless mouse with battery built-in. All thanks to the multiple tiny holes. Besides reducing the weight, they help to increase the airflow and cool down your hand too. As usual, do check out all the photos for detail. And just pick the colour that you prefer. There are black, blue and red colours to choose from too.

Xlite V2 works smoothly without software. Just plug and play in Windows PC will do. However, you are not getting the most out of it. So there comes Xlite Wireless software that lets you customize it. Mouse battery life status is there too. Showing charging currently at the moment.

Up to 4 profiles can be selected. And 5 buttons to be configurated. By the way, there is no DPI dedicated DPI switch button in the middle of the mouse. You can assign it with the thumb buttons but lose one after that. Do take note. As usual, you can set macro, mouse/keyboard function, multimedia and Windows shortcut that you prefer.

4 DPI stages for you and me. DPI settings from 50 to 20000 DPI with 50-100 DPI increments. Polling rate can be set as 125Hz, 250Hz, 500Hz or 1000HZ. LOD and other values can be adjusted too. Take your time and find the best combo for you. Everything will be saved on the onboard memory in the end. Macro is supported too. Just create your prefer macro key list, and then assign it. That’s all.

Performance Result
Ultra-lightweight and fast response! Fluid, accurate and responsive mouse movement. All thanks to PixArt’s PAW3370 sensor – one of the highest performance optical gaming mouse sensor. Yup, it is working well on multiple surfaces including slightly shinny and reflective ones. Those who love to use lightweight mouse will like Pulsar Xlite V2 Wireless Gaming Mouse.

I love optical sensor that is located at center of the mouse. Excellent as no new learning curve is required. In addition, the Lift Off Distance (LOD) is very low. Mouse pointer stops moving once you lift up a bit only. That’s great for FPS gaming no doubt.

As for ergonomic, it fits perfectly well on my right hand. Best for medium to big size hands by the way. Yes, you can play all your favourite games all day long without any issue. Buttons are responsive and feedback is good too thanks to durable Kailh GM 8.0 switches.

Scroll wheel has great grip and step control. But you need to use a bit of force to move it. Great for changing weapons correctly. But due to that, you may not be able to fast scroll websites during Internet surfing. As for click, it is great. Do take note that it does not have tilt function. As for thumb buttons, they are working great.

Xlite V2 Wireless performs like a wired mouse thanks to fast and stable 2.4GHz wireless connectivity. 1ms response rate is what you get. In addition, no wire to block your mouse movement. Free from everything. That’s great! Based on specs, the battery can last for 70 hours on a single charge. Just charge it with the cable when the juice is low. You can use the mouse at the same time too. So nothing to lose.


  • Outstanding optical performance
  • Great ergonomic for comfortable grip
  • Adjustable DPI values
  • Customizable keys & LED light
  • Excellent build quality
  • Stylish design
  • Wireless & portable


  • No dedicated DPI switch button
  • Best for right-handed

Enjoy the best of both worlds – wireless and wired. Pulsar Xlite V2 Wireless is a solid, accurate and responsive ultra-lightweight wireless gaming mouse that you don’t want to miss. Wait no more and get yours at Shopee or Lazada. More places to buy with this link.


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