SonicGear StudioPod V-HD Review – Crisp, Transparency & Amazing Bass!

Hi-Res audio yet stylish in design? Yup, check out SonicGear StudioPod V-HD. It is a 2.0 audio channel speaker with a wireless remote control. One of the models in their Reference Series. Loaded with 160W total power, Bluetooth 5.0, AUX and optical input. And comes with 5 different colour variants to match your taste. Sound great? Let’s find out now…

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Package Content & Design
StudioPod V-HD comes well-protected just like other SonicGear’s products. There are power adaptor with EU and UK plug, stereo 3.5mm to RCA audio cable, RCA cable, optical cable, remote control, AAA batteries and user manual in the package. As usual, take your time to go through the guide.

Outstanding build quality with sturdy matte plastic housing. You can’t miss the distinctive and unique design. Of course, the attractive red hot colour too. You can select other colours like black, pink, white and mint as well. Yup, it’s also a lovely decorative piece for your room.

StudioPod V-HD is loaded with 1.25″ tweeter unit and 4″ bass unit on each of the speakers. Both of them are covered with metal grills. Each speaker has 40W total power (RMS). Therefore, the whole speaker system has 80W.

All the stuff is located on the right channel, back of the speaker. You can control the master volume level including the treble and bass. Power, input and EQ buttons can be found there too. Follow by all the inputs and outputs. Don’t forget the bass reflex port on the top part too. Yes, you can enjoy deeper bass thanks to it.

2 rubber feet at the bottom of the speaker. Yes, they do provide stability even on the loudest sound volume. The black part is the IR receiver. That’s all.

Performance Result
Excellent Bluetooth range and performance. SonicGear StudioPod V-HD can reach up to 7m with obstacles like wall. And it has almost no lag between video and audio. So you can play games and watch movies on it. For non-Bluetooth devices, AUX and optical connections are always there for you.

Be sure to use the optical connection if possible. Why? Optical has the cleanest audio quality and everything will be processed by the speaker DSP itself. Therefore, it does not affect by the media player at all. Most of the TV, game consoles and TV box support it nowadays. So do use it. Of course, AUX connection is available as last resource.

How loud are they? 80W pure output power (RMS) can fill up a large and quiet living room easily. For the best audio experience, try to stay as close as possible to the speakers. You can feel more bass coming out from them then. Anyway, this is not an issue as you will likely place them on the desktop near to you.

By the way, StudioPod V-HD is not positioned as reference monitor speakers. They are named Reference Series because they are SonicGear best audio speakers. It is just a reference standard for their full range as well as comparing with the best from other similar brands. Do take note…

Sound Quality
They sound as lovely as they look! Period. Crystal clear and ultra-bright sound signature is what you get out of the box. Thankfully, there are bass and treble volume level controls. I lowered the treble all the way down. And yet it is still a bright speaker system. In short, you get more treble and bass. Increasing bass level helps a bit, and you will get V-shape sound signature then. For those who prefer clear and crisp sound, you will love StudioPod V-HD.

By the way, you can play around with the EQ too. There are 3 of them – movie, music and dialog. Just find the best one for you. Personally, music gives me the best result and audio quality. That’s the most natural mode to select.

Excellent details retrieval! Bright treble does help a lot here. Thanks to wider speaker placement for stereo effect too. All the music instruments can be heard clearly. And you can also know their placement easily. You might discover some of the new details on the music tracks that you listen to usually. Of course, it does come as weakness on certain tracks with a lot of highs. You might experience harshness on those tracks.

Basically, highs are the stars of StudioPod V-HD. Nonetheless, mids and lows are performing well too. Vocals for both male and female sound clean and nice. Clear too. You won’t miss out any dialogue in the movies anymore. Of course, working great on podcasts too. As for lows, they are powerful for the size. They won’t be as deep as those bigger dedicated subwoofers. But does job the well. You can feel the bass bumping here and there. Powerful enough for you to feel those blasts in the movie and games.


  • Bright, crisp treble with amazing bass
  • Excellent clarity and transparency
  • Bluetooth, analogue & optical support
  • Excellent build quality
  • Lovely & stylish design


  • Can be little bit too bright for some

Looking for stylish speakers with excellent sound? Be sure to check out SonicGear StudioPod V-HD. Enjoy excellent clarity and transparency. Don’t forget the powerful bass too. Wait no more and get yours at Shopee or Lazada now.


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