SpotCam Solo Pro Review – Reliable Cloud Video Surveillance System

2.5K high-definition resolution, 160-degree ultra-wide-angle, vibrant & clear imaging with IR LEDs, colourful night vision with spotlight, 6 months battery life, free 7-day cloud recording, two-way audio, real-time alert, long-distance connectivity up to 50m, IP65 weatherproof rating for indoor & outdoor, and many more. Yup, you can enjoy all these wonderful features on SpotCam Solo Pro 100% Wire-Free Cloud Video Surveillance System. Interested? Let’s have a closer look now…

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Package Content
There are 2 types of SpotCam Solo Pro packages – 2 cameras or 4 cameras. Just pick the one that suits you most. Yes, everything comes well-protected. There are a lot of accessories. Take your time to unpack them.

Here is the power adaptor with 2A output. Worldwide supported. Followed by USB-C cable for charging the camera. And ethernet cable for connecting the host to your router.

Here is the useful stuff to let you attach the cameras to the wall or certain surfaces. Each camera will have one set of them. Stick the wall mount or screw it. Totally up to you. Or just place it on the metal surface. It works as well. Strong magnetic force.

A bunch of documents to let you get started. Be sure to go through them. They will help you to install and set up the base station and cameras.

Design & Build Quality
Here are the cameras. Compact in size and light in weight. Outstanding build quality with sturdy plastic housing. Loaded with IP65 weatherproof rating for indoor and outdoor usage. Don’t forget that it has built-in battery as well.

Basically, all the stuff is located in the front. The 2.5K HD camera sensor, 3 bright LED lights, LED indicators, microphone, IR & motion sensor and buttons are there. The magnetic pad and speaker are located at the back.

The USB-C charging port is on the top. Camera mount hold and reset button (I believe) at the bottom. As you can see, everything is well covered for IP65 rating.

Here is the base station. It has 2 built-in antennas. And it also supports micro SD card for local recording.

Yup, you will get the correct plug for your country. And you need to connect the Ethernet cable from the base station to the router in order for SpotCam Solo Pro to work. Do take note…

Simple and easy. Just follow the quick start guide will do. Basically, you need to power on the base station. Connect the Ethernet cable to your router. Power on all the cameras. Then follow the SpotCam mobile app or website’s step-by-step guide to set up. That’s all. By the way, you need to have a SpotCam account too. The same applies to the camera placement. The swivel magnetic wall mount is very helpful here. You can record the viewing angle that you prefer easily. And easy to remove when charging too.

You can access SpotCam through web page and mobile app. Control and configure the settings there. Personally, I prefer to use PC to watch these videos with larger monitor at home. And Android smartphone while on the go.

Above screenshots are from SpotCam App for Android. Watch live video feed. Check back all the events. View or download them. Talk to the person in real time. Configure your SpotCam Solo Pro to meet your requirements. Take your time to do so. There are a lot of settings. Receive alert through the SpotCam app or email. Set the camera working schedule and many more…

By the way, it also supports IFTTT, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. So you can integrate SpotCam with your smart home platform easily.

Optional Features
SpotCam Solo Pro comes with 7 days cloud video storage for free forever! Everything is stored on cloud storage through the Internet directly. Therefore, even there is a thief breaks into your house and steals everything including your SpotCam, you still have the recorded video footage at cloud server. For normal ones which are stored in SD card and NAS, they are gone for sure.

You can also opt for a longer period like 30, 180 or 365 days with some fees. In addition, SpotCam also offers Video AI Service too. For example, outdoor service pack, pet detection, fall detection and so on. Just pick the one that suits you will do.

Performance Result
Clear 2.5K video quality as a cloud IP camera. Accurate colours too. 160-degree wide angle covers most of the area. No need to pan or tilt it. I just wish that the video compression is not that high. Nonetheless, the real-time alert is the most important part. And SpotCam Solo Pro does the job very well. You will receive an alert on the mobile app or email once motion is detected. Alarm siren can be triggered as well.

Click for larger original version

Battery life is excellent. Based on specs, it can last for 6 months (on normal usage with 10 to 20 daily motion triggers). Shorter with more triggers and longer with fewer. Get it? I still haven’t finished using the 1st charged battery after weeks of usage. For your information, you can also opt for SpotCam Solar Panel Pro when using it outdoor. It will self-sustain then.

Click for larger original version

Above is the IR video quality in a totally dark room. You can also opt for colourful night vision with the white spotlight. Just pick the one that suits you most. Again, motion detection is working great during the night too. Rest assured that you will get a notification alert ASAP.

By the way, SpotCam Solo Pro will only record 10 to 30 seconds video when motion is detected. No continuous recording just like other battery-powered IP cameras. You can view all the recorded videos later. Download and share them easily. Or watch the live view. Totally up to you.


  • Free forever 7 days cloud video storage (and local microSD storage too)
  • Clear 2.5K day, IR & spotlight night vision
  • Real-time alerts & notifications
  • Easy installation & wide coverage
  • Long battery life & easy charging
  • Amazon Alexa, Google Home, IFTTT support


  • A little too much video compression

A reliable cloud video surveillance system with real-time alerts. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor. Ultra-wide coverage for day and night recording. Long battery life too. In short, a solid surveillance package to cover all your needs. Interested? More information can be found on the SpotCam Website. Get your SpotCam Solo Pro at Amazon.


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