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How to Calculate ANSI Lumens for Projector?

Hello, I am Jayce. Welcome to my channel. Today’s topic – how to calculate ANSI Lumens for projector? Thanks to the guide from BenQ. We can have a clearer view now. Yes, this is the ANSI Lumens formula. And here are the 9 spots that we need to take brightness values in lux…

How to Setup Projector Contrast, Brightness, Colour for Best Picture? – Projector Calibration Guide

How to calibrate your projector to get the best picture quality out of it? Simple, just follow this guide to do so. Basically, you need to calibrate its contrast, brightness, colour, sharpness and colour temperature. It is very useful for a budget projector…

How to increase Samsung Galaxy S3 display auto brightness?

I don’t prefer Samsung Galaxy S III HD Super AMOLED screen due to PenTile display. And Samsung decided to save battery life by lower Samsung Galaxy S3 display automatic brightness values. Yes, Samsung Galaxy S3 display auto brightness is much lower compare to HTC One X. And have poor outdoor viewing due to low maximum brightness too. How to increase Samsung Galaxy S3 display auto brightness? Simple, just install auto brightness mod which available for stock XXALE8 and XXALF2 firmware (at the time of writing this).

Samsung Galaxy S3 display auto brightness
Samsung Galaxy S3 Display Auto Brightness


Wanbo X5 In-Depth Review – Watch This Before You Buy!!!

Hello guys, meet Wanbo X5 LCD projector that you have been waiting for. It is suitable for both day and night. Comes with useful...


Kingston Leads Channel SSD Shipments for the 6th Consecutive Year

Kingston Technology, a world leader in memory products and technology solutions, today announced TrendForce has named it as the number one third-party supplier of...