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100-XYZ Captive Portal Review (Video)

Hey guys, meet captive portal by 100-XYZ. In short, it is a web page that is displayed to newly connected users before they are granted to access Internet. Yes, they can access Internet for free after going through your website first. Just keying in the correct password will do. It will be directed to your website main page after that. This is very useful for all businesses like restaurant, bar, salon, and so on. Basically, you offer free Wi-Fi to your customers to gain exposure. Win-win for both parties.


Why ask professional when you can do it yourself? Yes, you can install your own security system too. No wiring and technical skills are required. DIGOO DG-HAMA Smart Security System with cellular + Wi-Fi is the one that you need. No wire. Powered by battery. Yes, those sensors are connected through 433MHz wireless. In short, it is a great budget smart security system for both home and office…

Sensibo Air + Room Sensor Review – Keep You Comfortable All The Time. And Save Money Too!

2 is better than 1. Sensibo Air smart AC controller comes with a Room Sensor now. What are they? They are indoor climate ecosystem that retrofits any air conditioner or heat pump and turn them into a smart sensing machine. Save more energy and money as your AC will never run in an empty room again. In addition, they measure motion, temperature and humidity. Adjust the temperature automatically through Climate React tech to give you better comfort and health. Alright, let’s have a closer look…

Sensibo Pure Review – Enjoy Cleaner & Fresher Air 24/7

Meet the smart sensing air purifier – Sensibo Pure. It can help to protect against COVID-19. Yes, particles as small as 0.1um get trapped inside the advanced HEPA filter by a process known as brownian motion. In additional, the active carbon filter absorbs atoms of harmful gases such as smoke and VOCs. Enhance air filtration thanks to Pure Boost – a unique patent pending technology by Sensibo that regulates the air flow based on several factors. Does it perform well? Read on to find out…

Cosmo Pro Air Purifier Review – The Most Advanced Air Purifier in Malaysia?

Meet Cosmo Pro – the most advanced air purifier in Malaysia! Yes, it comes with a revolutionary 5-in-1 HEPA filter and an AI-powered PM2.5 Sensor. Its 360° filtering power is second to none. Up to 100m² coverage area. In addition, it has a very quiet fan noise level of 20dB only. Comes with 5 years warranty. Perform well? Let’s find out…


Vinnfier HyperBar 1100 Review – Compact yet Powerful! Attractive too!

Introduction Hey guys, check out this attractive compact soundbar with subwoofer - Vinnfier HyperBar 1100. It is loaded power 120W total power output. Comes with...


Kingston Expands External SSD Lineup with XS1000

Kingston Technology, a world leader in memory products and technology solutions today announced the XS1000 External SSD, a small and incredibly sleek file backup...