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Sensibo Air + Room Sensor Review – Keep You Comfortable All The Time. And Save Money Too!

2 is better than 1. Sensibo Air smart AC controller comes with a Room Sensor now. What are they? They are indoor climate ecosystem that retrofits any air conditioner or heat pump and turn them into a smart sensing machine. Save more energy and money as your AC will never run in an empty room again. In addition, they measure motion, temperature and humidity. Adjust the temperature automatically through Climate React tech to give you better comfort and health. Alright, let’s have a closer look…

Lapa 2 Bluetooth Object Finder Review

“Mom, did you see my wallet?”, “Where is my keys?”… Can’t find your stuffs? Fear no more, Lapa 2 – the Bluetooth object finder comes to rescue. Besides wallet and keys, you can use Lapa to find other stuffs like pet, laptop, backpack, or anything that you want including tablet and smartphone that linked with Lapa. By the way, Lapa 2 is the 2nd generation object finder from Lapa Studio. It uses Bluetooth 4.0 LE with replaceable battery which able to last for 1 year. Furthermore, it is waterproof and reachable up to 60 meter. Interested? Read this review to find out more about this Bluetooth tracker

Ambi Climate Review

“Dear, can you help me to turn on air conditioner?”, “Sure, let me use Ambi Climate app to switch it on”… Yes, we are able to do so while driving home from Penang to Sungai Petani (which take around 1 hour) after day long shopping. And wish to have bedroom temperature cool enough for my already sleeping 3 years old boy. Thanks to Ambi Climate, my little angel can continue to sleep without interrupted by warm room temperature. Yup, access and control aircon, right from smartphone is one of the features of Ambi Climate – the smart aircon controller by Ambi Labs. And it does not just simply provide temperature control but will automatically adjust it based on factors such as humidity, sunlight, outdoor weather, your own metabolic changes and even lifestyle patterns. Last but not least, improving your comfort and saving energy consumption. Sound great? Read this review to find out its actual performance…


Edifier WH500 Review – Crisp Treble with Deep Bass!

Introduction Personalize EQ, music & game mode, 40 hours music playtime, fast charging, 30mm dynamic driver, Bluetooth 5.2, foldable & lightweight, safe hearing option at...


Meet the upgraded Kingston FURY Renegade SSD with Heatsink

Kingston FURY, the gaming division of Kingston Technology, a world leader in memory products and technology solutions, today announced the addition of Kingston FURY...