FUNWHOLE Steampunk Train Station Review – Unique & Attractive LEGO set!

1843 pieces of bricks and a lot of attractive LED lights! Don’t forget the fun of building them together with your friend and family too. Yes, enjoy these with Steampunk Train Station by FUNWHOLE. It will take you back to steampunk world in the Victorian era. The station features a tower, segmented illuminated tracks, suspended trains, seats in the waiting area, train schedules, train route maps and posters on the second floor outside the platform. Interested? Let’s build it!

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Package Content
As usual, everything comes well protected. There is a lot of building bricks in multiple packages. Followed by LED light kits. User manual and service card then. All the tools you require can be found there too.

For your information, all the building bricks are packed according to the assembly stages. There are 9 stages in Steampunk Train Station. For example below, that pack is for stage 7 and it is the 3th package. In short, you don’t need to open all the packages in order to build the train. One step at a time…

5 sets of LED light kits this round. Just unpack them when needed according to the building stage. That’s all.

Here are the stickers and service card. By the way, you can ask FUNWHOLE to send over the missing piece (if there any). They do include a lot of extra pieces. However, there is one missing piece in this set. However, it does not affect the building at all since it’s not an important part.

Here are the tool for stickers, battery holder with USB port output (requires 2 AA batteries) and the useful brick separator.

This is a very detailed user manual in colour. Yes, it is a step by step guide. Just follow them and build will do. What do you need to do? Find all the listed bricks first. Then assemble them one by one. That’s it. For your information, there is a soft copy on their website too. You can check them out before you buy.

Design & Build Quality
How is the bricks’ quality? In short, it is on par with LEGO bricks. Yup, high quality and rock solid. These bricks hold well together. And you need to use some force to separate them, especially those smaller ones. During that time, the brick separator is very handy. Just use it to separate them will do.

Here are some of the LED light kits. 3 USB power cables are included but you need 2 only. FYI, you can use power bank too instead of the included battery holder. Just get power bank with 2 USB ports and you are ready to go.

FUNWHOLE brick set designs are getting more and more. For example, House of Sweets, The Lighthouse of Alexandria, Steampunk Train Station, Steampunk Ore Train, Castle on The Cliff, Lakeside Lodge, Ocean Adventure Ship, Jack And The Beanstalk and Wood Cabin. There are several series to choose from. Just pick the one that you love.

The 1st stage is rather simple. Basically, you need to assemble the base of the second station. There are no small separated modules this round. In short, you need to build 2 stations and the train track. Combine all of them together in the end. That’s all.

The elevator is the second stage. You can make it move up and down by rotating the mechanical wheels. However, the current design is not perfect. And I need to modify it a bit to make it move correctly. Nonetheless, it is working in the end. Not perfectly smooth but does the job. Yes, those extra bricks help the task here.

Performance Result
It is easy to build. Just follow the given instructions will do. Why? This building set was done by my 10-year-old boy. Well, almost. 90% was done by him. I am the one that installs those LED lights and connecting the wires. So you should not have any issue to build it at all. Below is the 3rd stage by the way.

Alright, we are building the main station from now on. From stage 4 onward to stage 8. I have one missing piece at this stage. Thankfully, it is just a connector that connects the grey pipe.

We need to install LED lights from time to time. So take your time and be careful all the way. Especially assemble the tiny LED lights’ wire. By the way, all the wires are well hidden between the bricks in the end. So you won’t see them easily. Nice design, right?

By dividing into 9 stages, there are not many bricks in each stage. Therefore, this makes the building process rather easy. And you don’t need to worry much about losing anyone of them.

What do you need to do? Continue to assemble of course!

Hurray! The main station is done in the 8th stage. You just need to add minor stuff in the last stage. That’s it. By the way, you need 2 CR2032 batteries for the suspended train’s LED lights.

Hey guys, meet FUNWHOLE Steampunk Train Station! This is one of the combinations with second station located in front of the main one. There is another mode where both of them are located side by side. Just build the one that you prefer.

Steampunk Train Station looks the best with LED lights turned on. All the LED lights’ wires are well hidden between the bricks and behind the building.

Have a closer look at the lovely and attractive train station…


  • Fun & relaxing!
  • Well packed & organized
  • Lovely unique design with attractive lights
  • Excellent build quality


  • None from me

My 10-year-old boy and I had excellent collaboration during these 3 days. Yes, it was enjoyable during that short holidays. Time was well-spent. Interested? More information can be found on FUNWHOLE Website. You can get yours there with 10% Off coupon – Funwhole10%. Or Amazon too.


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