FUNWHOLE Steampunk Ore Train Review – The LEGO Alternative Locomotive with Lights!

My 10-year-old boy keeps asking me to buy a new set of bricks after playing Castle on The Cliff by FUNWHOLE. So here you are – Steampunk Ore Train (F9006). It has 1056 pieces of bricks to assemble this round. As usual, it is loaded with a lot of attractive lights. And you are back to Victorian era. Again, FUNWHOLE series is unique and lovely. A perfect toy for your family and friends. Alright, let’s start building…

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Package Content
Everything comes well protected as usual. Again, a lot of building bricks in multiple packages. The same applies to LED light kit. User manual and service card are there too. As usual, take your time to unbox them.

For your information, all the building bricks are packed according to the assembly stages. There are 3 stages in Steampunk Ore Train. For example below, that pack is for stage 3 and it is the 4th package. In short, you don’t need to open all the packages in order to build the train. One step at a time…

Here are some of the LED light kits, packed according to building stages too. Just unpack them when needed.

Some stickers and 2 long rods to attach to the bricks. Follow by the service card.

The useful brick separator, a tool for stickers and battery holder (requires 3 AAA batteries).

As usual, it comes with a very detailed user manual in colour. Just follow the step by step guide given. For example, find all the listed bricks there. And assemble them one by one. That’s all. By the way, there is a soft copy on their website. You can check them out before you buy.

Design & Build Quality
Excellent build quality as expected. Just like LEGO bricks – rock solid and high quality. Rest assured that bricks and bricks hold well and strong in between.

And here are some of the LED light kits. There is large LED board this round. And the useful USB plug is included as well. Therefore, you can connect to AC USB adaptor or power bank as power source. Just pick the one that you prefer.

There are a lot of FUNWHOLE brick set designs. For example, Steampunk Train Station, Steampunk Ore Train, Castle on The Cliff, Lakeside Lodge, Ocean Adventure Ship, Jack And The Beanstalk and Wood Cabin. Just pick the one that you prefer and start to build it. I have another set incoming – Steampunk Train Station. Yeah!!!

As you can see, mine is Steampunk Ore Train. This model train is equipped with a locomotive, firebox, cab and carriage. In addition, the wheels and connecting rods on both sides will move when the train is moving forward.

Sometimes, you can assemble separated modules first. And then attach them to the main train body. Great and easy task for the young ones.

In short, Steampunk Ore Train is separated into 2 main parts – locomotive and carriage.

Performance Result
Locomotive was separated into 2 stages. Above is the 1st stage while the finished locomotive is the 2nd stage. Everything is pretty much straight forward. Just follow the instruction and you won’t lost in the jungle. And you are 60% done once the locomotive is okay. You need to install LED lights in these stages. So take your time and be careful all the way. Especially assemble the tiny LED lights.

The final and also the 3rd stage – carriage. Yes, you can split into 2 teams to build the whole train if you want. And connect them in the end will do. Personally, I feel that the building process is easier than Castle on The Cliff. Maybe we are getting used to FUNWHOLE bricks already.

There are a lot of tiny pieces of bricks everywhere. Be sure not to lose any one of them. But too worries about them, FUNWHOLE does include some extras. Can you see those thin wires? You won’t see them easily in the end. FUNWHOLE does a great job by hiding them to make the train looks even more attractive.

Yup, most wires are gone now. And we are pretty much done with all the building tasks here. The last step – connect both of them. Install the battery pack and light up the lovely LED lights. That’s it!

Alright, meet Steampunk Ore Train everyone! Gorgeous, right?

Here is the view with LED lights turned on. All the LED lights’ wires are well hidden between the bricks and under the train. And the best part – the battery pack is stored in the carriage well hidden. Just open the door and take it out if needed. Nice…

Have a closer look at the lovely and attractive train…


  • Gorgeous, fun & satisfied!
  • Well packed & organized
  • Lovely unique design with attractive lights
  • Excellent build quality


  • None from me

Dive into Victorian era with FUNWHOLE Steampunk Ore Train. Enjoy lovely and unique design. The most important part – improve your family relationship while building it with them together. Interested? More information can be found on FUNWHOLE Website. You can get yours there with 10% Off coupon – Funwhole10%. Or on Amazon.


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