JMBricklayer 3 In 1 Medieval Weapon Review – Fun & Exciting LEGO-Compatible Set!

“Let’s war!!!” Dive into the retro medieval period with JMBricklayer LEGO-compatible set. 3 In 1 Medieval Weapon 30001 can turn into 3 models – ballista, catapult and bombard. It comes with 568 quality blocks for you to do so. Interested? Let’s build it!

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Package Content
Everything comes well protected. There is a lot of building bricks in multiple packages and user manual in the package. 3 In 1 Medieval Weapon has 7 packages. Just unpack all of them and start to build.

This is a very detailed user manual in colour. Yes, it is a step by step guide. Just follow them and build will do. For your information, there is a soft copy on their website too. You can check them out before you buy.

Design & Build Quality
How is the bricks’ quality? In short, it is on par with LEGO bricks. Yup, high quality and rock solid. These bricks hold well together. And you need to use some force to separate them, especially those smaller ones.

Yes, here are some of the bricks. All of them are well sorted for easier finding and building. There is an orange brick separator. However, I am not so sure how to use it. Anyway, you won’t need it unless installed the bricks wrong.

JMBricklayer 3 In 1 Medieval Weapon is a rather simple LEGO-compatible building set. We just follow the step by step guide. That’s it. The very first one to build – catapult.

In short, you need to build from bottom to top. The wheels are the last part. That’s all. As usual, my 11-year-old boy is the one that builds the LEGO-compatible set. I am just the helper behind. If he can do so, you can too.

Performance Result
Yeah… Here is the final form of the catapult. You might need to be careful with the blades on the wheels and in the front. Could be sharp for some. Other than that, it is safe for small kids. You can also remove those when needed.

Yes, it uses the elastic force of the rubber band to launch suitable objects. My kid loves to play it. Practice your targeting skill. You can even have contests among your friends and family. See who hits the target most.

Have a closer look at the launcher lock. It will fire once press the trigger down. Nice, right?

That’s all for now. Will try the other 2 forms when my kid is bored of this catapult.


  • Fun & exciting!
  • Well packed & organized
  • Unique design with 3 forms
  • Excellent build quality


  • Blades might be sharped for some

My boy loves it! Period. He is the ‘quality control’ officer. Once he approved, you are good to go. So what are you waiting for? Head to JMBricklayer Website (15% off coupon – Jayceooi15%) or Amazon to buy your own JMBricklayer 3 In 1 Medieval Weapon set now.


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