JMBricklayer Spaceman Review – A Must-Have LEGO-Compatible Set for Space Galaxy Fans!

Looking for a fun-to-play toy for your kids? JMBricklayer Spaceman 70109 will keep them busy and enjoy at the same time. Yes, all thanks to 900 high-quality ABS plastic blocks. In addition, it is also a nice and stylish astronaut model. Perfect for collectors to display at home and office. Interested? Let’s build it!

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Package Content
There is a lot of building brick packages and user manual in the package. All the building bricks are packed according to the assembly stages. There are 5 stages in Spaceman 70109. For example, this pack is for 1st stage and it is the 4th package. Do check out the useful brick separator too.

The user manual with colour. It is a very detailed step by step guide. Just follow them and build this LEGO-compatible set will do. By the way, there is QR code for video guide from the guide as well. You can follow the video as my 11-year-old boy did.

Surprise! JMBricklayer provides custom printing service. Yes, don’t limit yourself to the standard bricks only. You can customize your own unique design. For example, I have logo printed. Cool, right?

Design & Build Quality
JMBricklayer bricks quality is excellent. It is on par with LEGO bricks. In short, high quality and rock solid. Rest assured that they will hold well together. You need some force to separate them, especially those smaller ones.

JMBricklayer Spaceman is an enjoyable LEGO-compatible building set. It does not need age above 14 to build it. Just follow the step by step guide will do.

In short, you need to build the astronaut’s body in the 1st stage. So you need to unpack all the 1st stage brick packages and build it. By the way, you need to unpack those printed, silver and gold bricks as well. That’s all.

2nd stage – builds the two legs. Most of the pieces are small but easy to assemble. Again, just follow the guide. And you won’t lost in the jungle.

3rd stage – both arms are coming… Both gold and silver bricks do make Spaceman look even more attractive. Especially when there is light shinning upon it.

4th stage – the helmet. It is a simple stage no doubt. You will have the whole Spaceman ready to play once attached it.

The last stage – the stand. There are 2 modes – one that locks Spaceman together and another one that just hangs it.

Performance Result
Yeah… It’s time to explore the space! With style too. In short, you can finish it within a day if doing it fast.

Check out the custom printed brick. You can’t miss it, right? “Yes, I am from”


  • Fun & enjoyable!
  • Well packed & organized
  • Unique & stylish design
  • Excellent build quality


  • None from me

A must-have LEGO-compatible set for space galaxy fans. Period. Don’t forget that JMBricklayer provides custom printing service too. Get yours from JMBricklayer Website (15% off coupon – Jayceooi15%) or Amazon. Enjoy it!


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