KZ PR1 HiFi Edition Review – The New Budget Planar King in Town!

Meet the latest planner earphones from KZ – PR1. It is loaded with the newly developed 13.2mm dual-cavity planar unit. And they have 2 tuning this round – standard and HiFi version. Supports 20 to 40,000 Hz frequency, 96dB sensitivity, 16Ω impedance and comes with OFC silver-plated cable. Does it sound great? Read on to find out…

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Package Content & Design
KZ PR1 comes well-protected in a simple white package. Mine is HiFi edition as you can see. Besides KZ-PR1 with medium size ear tips, there are user guide, additional 2 pairs of silicon ear tips (S & L) and 120cm silver-plated cable.

Have a closer look at the durable silver-plated cable. It is loaded with high-purity oxygen-free copper wire core that provides efficient transmission efficiency. The silver-plated layer on the surface of the wire core can reduce signal attenuation. By the way, you can also opt for cable with high-sensitivity microphone. Great for phone call no doubt.

Outstanding build quality! All thanks to hollowed-out aluminum alloy cover and electroplating bottom shell. In addition, it is stylish and looks great with metallic texture. Rock-solid that surely will protect the 13.2mm dual-cavity planar unit inside. Besides, it comes with 0.75mm standard gold-plated plug, widely applicable to 2 Pin cable. You can change the cable easily when needed.

Fit, Comfort & Isolation
KZ PR1 is designed to be worn over the ear. Yes, it is comfortable to wear for long hours. And it fits very well too. Just pick the correct ear tips size that matches you will do. Besides providing comfort, the ergonomic design helps to keep the earphones securely on my ears too. In addition, it has excellent passive isolation. It can block some of the environment noises while music is being playback. And seldom notice microphonic from cable too. That’s good.

Sound Quality
KZ PR1 HiFi Edition is easy to drive with 16Ω impedance. Most smartphone should have enough power to drive it. Of course, it is even better on external DAC like Zorloo Ztella. And you don’t need to be an audiophile to discover the greatness of PR1. Your existing smartphone and tablet’s audio quality no matter iPhone, iPad or Android device will level up automatically. And don’t limit PR1 to high res music only. It shines on the usual stuff like MP3, YouTube MV, games and movies too.

Overall, KZ PR1 HiFi Edition has balanced toward slightly bright sound signature. Detailed and dynamic. Excellent soundstage and imaging. All width, height and depth are wide indeed. Yes, instruments placement separation is clear even in the complex scene. Arcason by Candido Camero and Oh by Dave Matthews surely perform very well here.

Highs are airy and detailed. Sharp and clear with no harshness. This is the place where PR1 shines. Mids perform well too. Vocals no matter male or female sound natural. Great clarity and resolution. Vocals and instruments’ separation is great too. Yes, I do enjoy the clarity of the guitar and sweet female vocal. For lows, PR1 continues to perform. It is deep and punchy yet not overpowered.


  • Crisp, clear sound with amazing bass
  • Detail and dynamic
  • Wide soundstage
  • Outstanding build quality
  • Comfortable for long hours
  • Excellent noise isolation


  • For the price, nope

Looking forward to upgrade your existing earphones? Be sure to check out KZ PR1 HiFi Edition. You will love the details and dynamics that it brings. Enjoy much better music from now on. Get yours at Shopee, Lazada, Amazon or AliExpress.


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