SonicGear StudioPod V-HD vs StudioBox 2-HD – Which one should you get?

Yeah… The latest SonicGear Reference Series Speakers are excellent! In short, you can’t go wrong with either SonicGear StudioPod V-HD or SonicGear StudioBox 2-HD. They produce high-quality audio with a minimalist design. And loaded with a lot of useful features. But they are not totally the same. So which one should you get? Read on to find out…

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Well, I am not going to cover all the details of them in this comparison article. Please go to their own full in-depth review to find out more. And check out their outlook too. Will cover their differences in audio and features here.

Alright, let’s get started. First of all, do you need a single unit of the speaker or two speaker units? It’s all about the stereo sound experience. Yes, you will get much better stereo effect with 2 separated speaker units. The wider the better. You can identify left and right channel sources easily compared to the speakers with stereo units in one body. So the best is 2 separated speaker units, follow by soundbar and the last is a single unit like Bluetooth portable speaker. StudioPod V-HD is the clear winner in this department.

The next one – audio sound quality. Well, this one does not have a clear winner. And totally depends on own personal taste and preference. Both speakers are loaded with treble and bass volume control. Therefore, you can adjust the sound signature to the one that you prefer. However, you won’t get day and night changes by adjusting them. So you need to select the correct one. In short, StudioPod V-HD has brighter output. StudioBox 2-HD has warmer touch on the audio. Personally, I prefer the last one. The vocals are much more natural and sweet.

StudioPod V-HD comes with more features. It has remote control. This is a must for TV placement usage. You can control it from far away. In addition, it has 3 EQ – movie, music and dialog. You can further adjust the audio output based on the EQ that you selected.

Total power output – 80W vs 70W. StudioPod V-HD does make louder sound. That’s for sure. But StudioBox 2-HD is not that far behind. So do refer to previous comparisons and make your final decision.

Again, you can’t go wrong with either SonicGear StudioPod V-HD or SonicGear StudioBox 2-HD. Both of them are suitable for home and office. Just pick the one that suits you most. That’s all. See ya…


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