Honda City 2009 Fuel Consumption ~ First Impression

Honda City is my new ride. It is a Honda City 2009 Grade E model in Malaysia. It has 5-speed automatic transmission and using 1.5-litre i-VTEC engine. The fuel consumption should be better than 4-speed automatic transmission car, right? Let’s check it out…

Honda City Speedometer ~ Fuel Level

Honda City 2009 Grade E has 42 litre fuel tank capacity. And the low fuel alert will be prompted when fuel level reach the last half block. During that time, it still has 7.9 litre left in the tank.

I filled up 32.43 litre with RM60.00 (RON95 @ RM1.85 per litre) on Petronas Primax 95. It managed to fill up 402 km distant that I travel (80% city and 20% highway drive). Note – I reset the trip meter every time I fill up the petrol. So that I can calculate the accurate fuel consumption on Honda City.

402 km / 32.43 litre = 12.39 km/l

Honda City Speedometer ~ Fuel Consumption

Honda City’s speedometer can display the fuel consumption based on the style of your driving (fast or slow). Just like above photo, system shows that the fuel consumption is 12.1 km/l on my current driving style.

My Honda City is still below 1000 km mileage. Will update again when it passes 1000 km and 5000 km mileage.


  1. I just finished a Kluang-KL-Kluang trip, all in 1 gas tank. The entire trip includes some city driving in Kluang as well as in KL. The total mileage is 624 km, using 35 L of (Ron 97) gas. The gas mileage is 624/35 = 17.8 km/l (or 42.1 miles/ US gallan). I consider this very fuel efficient. The gas volume is as exact as it is as I pumped in the gas all the way until I can see the feul level right at the fuel cap (both immeidately before and after the trip).

    On a side note, I limited my highway cruise speed within 80 – 100 km/h, and also constantly monitored the instantaneous fuel burn so that it was always above 20 km/l mark. There are 3 adults in the car with minimum baggage weight so the payload weight is considered half full (if full payload weight is defined as 5 adults with heavy bagagge weight).

    I noticed that if I am to maintain a highway cruise speed right around the legal limit of 110 km/h, +/- 10 km/h, the instantaneous fuel burn indicator will always be less than the 15 km/l, and sometimes will be even less.

    One last note, there is always a discrepancy between the dashboard indicated average gas mileage [km/l], vs. the actual gas mileage [km/l] measured at the gas station when refilling the gas. The dashboard indicated average gas mileage reading, to my knowledge, is always 10 – 20% higher than the actual gas mileage.

  2. I have honda city IDSI 2007 model.. and it gave me a maximum milage of 17.11 km/ltr within my current city… I used Hi-Octane fuel.. its very cheap as compared to other cars…

    • Use D mode only. Stay at 60 km/h most of the time. Don’t accelerate too fast. Press the paddle slow and steady. But you loss all the fun without pushing the limit of i-VTEC engine. 😛

  3. hmm quite economy… my myvi 1.3 auto can go 195km for every rm30 for ron 95(i used i-charge and magsaver), while my savvy 1.2 AMT can go 210km for every rm30 ron95. the correct way to check is by first fuel blinking, straight away u push (reset) to zero and fill rm30 ron 95. when the light blinking again, that’s show how long u drive with rm30 ron 95. when you try do it every time you can see the range of your fuel consumption. actually many people just estimate their fuel consumption by estimate their fuel in the tank which sometimes don’t reflect the right fuel consumption.


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