Download Kindle Fire Utility

Thanks to XDA Developer, Vashypooh for coming a great tool for Amazon Kindle Fire ~ Kindle Fire Utility. Kindle Fire Utility is a tool that makes all our lives easier. We can root Kindle Fire, install TWRP 2.0 Recovery easily without having much technical knowledge. Besides, Kindle Fire Utility also comes packaged with the USB drivers required to operate ADB and Fastboot. Basically, it is batch of scripts that help run all the tasks. You can modify and improve Kindle Fire Utility if you know to modify and write DOS batch codes.

Kindle Fire Utility

Kindle Fire Utility Features

  • Automatic elevation to root for tool operations.
  • Full root install.
  • Auto detect current bootmode.
  • Auto Detect ADB / Fastboot Online / Offline.
  • Auto download from Amazon.
  • Auto download and install TWRP Recovery.
  • Manage current bootmodes.
  • Manage Read / Write.
  • Install GoogleApps / Market / GoLauncherEX.
  • Lock / Unlock the Wallpaper from being changed.

Do get more information about Kindle Fire Utility at XDA website. Latest version should fix most of the bugs and have new features…

Download Kindle Fire Utility v0.9.9 here.