How to hard reset Kindle Fire?

Always face force close issue on your Amazon Kindle Fire? Screen frozen and unresponsive? Or forgot your Kindle Fire password? Look like it’s time to hard reset Kindle Fire. Or factory reset Kindle Fire is still cannot solve these issue. Factory reset will restore your Kindle Fire to factory default settings. Just like the very first time you switch on it. Therefore, all your contents like applications, data and settings will be deleted. Do take note on that…

Hard reset Kindle Fire

How to hard reset Kindle Fire?

Hard reset

  1. Press and hold the power button for 20 seconds and then release.
  2. After Kindle Fire has completely turned off, press the power button to restart it.
  3. That’s it.

Factory reset

  1. Tap the Quick Settings icon, then tap More.
  2. Select Device.
  3. Click Reset to Factory Defaults ~ Removes all personal data from your device.
  4. That’s all.

Note – Hard reset is just force shutdown. It does not factory reset Kindle Fire. So your applications and data will still be intact.

Enjoy a new fresh start of your Kindle Fire.


  1. My kindle fire wont turn on and it is fully charged, already tried resetting it..doesnt work. the power button lights up for like 3 or 4 seconds and then turns off, thats it.

  2. Sara, mine was doing the same thing and as soon as the power button would go off I would stop pushing it. I did try the full 20 seconds and it finally worked.

  3. My kindle fire will not let me open any apps except for two of them and it also wont let me use the internet or app store. Any suggestions on what to do? Also this is my second kindle fire.

  4. Hi I have purchase a Kindle Fire from a store that was going out of business and every time I turn it on it goes to demo mode only and wont let me go into settings.. How can I fix this??? Please help!!

  5. Hi. My fire wasn’t working and the power button didn’t work, so I turned it off. After a few min. I held the power button and it turned on. Now it says to choose whether to reboot, update, wipe data, wipe cache, reboot to bootloader, power down, or view recovery logs. how do I select?

  6. The original Kindle Fire Phone is a total SCAM. Amazon made a deal with AT&T to SELL these are a “Special Price & Deal”, ALL KNOWING – The Phones were Defective!

    Both AT&T & Amazon knew that they were Selling a Defective Device!

    I never set a Parental Password & I never downloaded any games, bot read mention you can’t download “Real Apps” that actually work on Amazon.

    I don’t live Google, but if you want Apps (because at some point you will have to download them whether you want to or not).

    If the AT&T Manager at their main store in Michigan would’ve told me that I would not b4 able to use any other browser than Safari, or I could never download anything at all, I wouldn’t have bought this DUMB PHONE!


    The only Solution that Amazon has for Resetting your Parental Password (Because you’re can’t download any APPS to assist you anymore) is to SCRAP all your information!

    Amazon is Multi-Billion Dollar Company & THEY don’t even have real Tech’s to solve this issue or any issue!

    Amazon should allow every a angle Customer that has this phone be able that purchase Amy phone they want on ( & NO WAY, would be Manufactured by Amazon. I did b4 Cate l, if whatever phone yoyo caked cost $5000 USD.

    Then, whether vet to purchased your phone – Amazon (most people didn’t or AT&T would have the transfer by hand 1-1, Copy Everything to your New Phone! Yes, All This Really Can Be Done-
    Even Text Messages!

    Yes, someone can do this, but it’s not going to be me!

    I don’t work for Amazon or AT&T.

    As a Business Professional- Why are these 2 Companies not taking Responsibility & Then, Tasking their own Customer’s to Work?

    I can’t believe Amazon & AT&T are not legally accountable for Fraud!


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