How to buy GearBest products from Malaysia?

If you have been following my blog, you will know that I got a lot of stuffs from GearBest. So what not create a guide to show you all – How to buy GearBest products from Malaysia? In short, it is as simple as ABC. Not to worry about custom tax and SIRIM AP permit when online shopping at GearBest too. And it is perfectly safe to buy electronic gadgets like smartphone, tablet from GearBest thanks to their great warranty and return policy. Furthermore, shipping from China to Malaysia is fast – around 1 week only. Interested to buy stuff from GearBest? Read on then…

How to buy GearBest products from Malaysia? First of all, you need to create an account there. And do have PayPal account ready too. You can add credit card, debit card or even transfer money from RHB bank to PayPal account directly. It’s great that GearBest uses PayPal because PayPal has Buyer Protection that covers most online purchases. Yup, worry free with PayPal as your backup.

Why buy from GearBest? GearBest has the best price for all the electronic gadgets during promotion. Take one of my buying experience as example. I managed to bought Xiaomi Mi 6 smartphone at $369.99 + insurance $8.40 = $378.39. Great deal indeed even lower than original China selling price – 2499 RMB (~$381.70).

100% risk-free warranty. GearBest provides 7 Day Dead on Arrival (DOA) Guarantee (link). If item arrives damaged or is not working, they will send you a new item free of charge (reimburse the return shipping cost too), or provide a full refund. And there is the usual One Year Repair Warranty as well.

How to avoid custom tax and SIRIM AP permit? In short, stay away from big courier services like DHL, UPS, FedEx and you will be fine. Any other smaller shipper/forwarder will do (eg, EMS). For Malaysia, GearBest provides free shipping through Priority Line – SEA Express most of the time. Use that and you should be safe. At least for all my cases…

How long will it take to arrive Malaysia? For in stock product, around 1 week. GearBest uses Kerry Express / ABX to ship usually (City-Link Express sometime). You can track through Kerry Website. And much more details one with ABX Website when reached ABX warehouse at Malaysia. Take a look on below example.

I ordered Xiaomi Mi 6 at 6th Sept. And it arrived at my doorstep on 13th Sept. 1 week in total. Fast or not? You tell me…

That’s it. Be sure to visit my blog / Facebook frequently to get the latest discount code / best deals. What are you waiting for? Head to GearBest Website and buy your stuffs now!


    • None so far. Kerry / ABX is reliable. Furthermore, recommended to pay extra insurance for expensive product like smartphone. GearBest will replace new one if package is missing / damage.

  1. Hi Mr Jayce Ooi, I’m a first time user of Gearbest. Yesterday, had just placed an order value worth USD320. I’m little worried after read out many negative reviews on Gearbest horrible shipping lost/ damages. Most of the cases from heard from USA customers. My order still in processing stage and i paid for insurance as influenced by the losses/ damage issues may occurred. I did selection for shipping using the SEAExpress. So I’m worried about when arriving Malaysia, these two things, The Custom department and the SIRIM. How to avoid these two ghosts? SIRIM the most bad things, the were charging too high for the so-called E-Permit things (items related to RF/wireless) imported to Malaysia with no wise reason. Any comment sir? Thanks

  2. Thnking to get a laptop from gearbest, u sure if i use SEA Express wont get stuck with SIRIM?
    Do I have to pay GST? or import tax? The item is around $500, still hesistate whether want to proceed or not…

    • Hi CH, none of product that I got using SEA Express has issue with custom and SIRIM so far. No worry. Got one reader bought Mi Notebook Pro, no issue too.
      But using DHL sure will those. Do take note…

      Do use my GearBest affiliate link to buy if you plan to buy. Thanks. =)

  3. Hi Jayce, wanna ask, do you ever got items from Gearbest shipped via SEA Air Line option? I just ordered a tv box yesterday and wanna try using that SEA Air Line option (as it do come free shipping at that time). And I found out by SEA Air Line, Gearbest will use City-Link as courier. Most of the time I only had experience using Kerry Express (SEA Express) and never had any problem so far. If using City-Link, i am just afraid will get any customs or tax problems…and between City-Link and Kerry, which one is usually faster based on your experience if any? Tq. ☺

    • Hi Lee, I received quite some products through City-Link as well. No issue so far. Mostly Kerry still. Both are about the same for shipping time. Some time Kerry faster. Some time City-Link does.

      Lastly, do use my GearBest affiliate link to buy next time. Thanks. =)

      • Yes sure mate. I just stumble on your page today, if not i will be sure to help you with the affiliate link. Sorry ya. Btw, most of tv box that you bought from Gearbest using City-Link will arrived in within 7 days ya? Sure got no import duty tax etc. problem ya? Glad to hear it. ☺


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