Vinnfier Flip 5 Review

Hey guys, check out this budget portable wired headsets from Vinnfier. Yup, Flip 5 comes with great sound quality – strong low bass, great noise-isolation. Folding compact design and equipped with headband, soft sponge earpads. How does it perform as a budget headphones? Let’s find out together…

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Packaging and Design
There are Vinnfier Flip 5 headphones and user manual in the package. That’s it. As you can see, the cable is braided and 3.5mm stereo plug is gold-plated. Yes, there is mic and a single button for playback/pause and answering call. That’s great.

Overall, Vinnfier Flip 5 build quality is great for budget headsets. Smooth matte and nice to touch surface. Decent plastic as housing by the way. And of course, it is foldable to carry around and store. Quite light in weight too. And comes with multiple colours. Do check out all the colours in store and find the best for you.

Fit, Comfort & Isolation
As a on-ear headphones, Flip 5 fits very well thanks to adjustable headband and rotatable ear cups. Not so tight nor loose and does not pressure top of my head. In addition, the soft ear cups help to provide comfort for long hour wearing too. As for isolation, it is on average side as expected from an on-ears.

Performance Result
Let’s talk about the mic first… My voice is loud and crystal clear thanks to sensitive mic. Great for phone call and gaming in team mode no doubt.

As for sound quality, it is great at its price point. Period. Perform well with balanced sound signature. It’s not bloated with massive of bass like others budget headphones that I tried. That’s great! In short, you get clear treble and pumping yet in control bass. Soundstage is decent too. Instruments placement separation is still okay even in the complex scene. For details… Highs are clear and no harshness for sure. Mids are nicely done too. Vocals are good and natural for both male and female. Lastly, bass is decent as well. Punchy bass – not too much or less. Overall, it’s a pleasure to use Flip 5 for gaming, movie and music…


  • Clear sound with amazing bass
  • Comfort for long hour
  • Great build quality
  • Built-in mic
  • Lightweight & foldable


  • None from me

For price around RM50, you can’t go wrong with Vinnfier Flip 5 headsets. Budget on-ears with great sound quality. Lightweight and foldable to ease carry around too. Interested? Do visit Vinnfier Website for details. Get yours at Lazada.



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