50 Things to do with Apple iPad ~ Maxis10 (Video)

Lot of things can be done with Apple iPad. Above video only shows 50 of them. Can you name them all?


  1. Nice. But without it supporting Adobe Flash, doesn’t it annoying that it can’t display webpage that have Flash component embedded?
    I am considering iPad2 when it is available.

      • The thing is I do not know until I browse to that Flash enable site and iPhone or iPad will have an ‘x’ box indicating it cannot support Flash. One such site is the hbo.com. Besides this I don’t have major complain. 🙂

        • Soon, Flash will no longer be an issue. The web uses http and version 4 has remained untouched for about ten years – which is amazing, given the web’s growth in that time. This is part of the reason websites have plug-ins, such as Flash.

          HTTP5 (that’s five, not S!) is just around the corner – in fact, it’s already here. If you have an http5-enabled browser, go to any YouTube clip and then add a 5 in the address between http and the colon. You can’t tell the difference right? That’s because http5 can run video: it’s not using Flash.

          So then, hopefully, the comments about Flash will end.

  2. Nice video…I’m in as well :)..
    Will you review gen 2 iPAD??? if yes when?
    Need to compare the difference. Also nowadays there are many tablet release in the market.

  3. jayce,
    thanks for the nice review. those apps really makes ipad comes alive.
    i feel the availability of useful apps (especially free ones) will determine the success of any tablets

    do u intend to do the power test? (i.e how long it will last if you operate continuously)
    is the form size convenient for outside use?
    is there any office apps (especially excel) bundled in?
    how about multi-language text entry (i.e chinese)?
    sorry for so many questions!

  4. Loved your YouTube video 50 things to do with an iPad. Pure genius. My posting it on my Facebook page probably sold at least three iPad2s. I hope you do more. Brilliant work and a great song (bought that too).

  5. Impressive video! Can we expect a list of the 50 things? For me, I don’t recognize all the apps and knowing the name would be helpful.

    Thanks……Keep up the good work!!!

  6. I do not know if it’s possible, but would you tell me the name of APPS that were used in this video? It is because I bought my iPad2 today and wanted to put some of you have used, thanks.

  7. Hi Jayce, a nice vid.
    I wonder if you are from Malaysia? since every background of your vid is familiar to Malaysia.
    Jayce can you list out the apps shown in 4.02,4.20,4.35, thanks

  8. hi Jayce. Enjoyed your video “50 things to do with Apple iPad”. What was the music you used on the video? Enjoyed that too. Mitch

  9. jayce a lot of comments for you to list the apps that u showed. you dont seem to reply those.
    the whole idea of making your video of 50 things/apps you can do on the ipad, whats the point of not having the list. same thing if you are cooking a dish and made a video, dont you want to include the recipe?? common sense man. people take the time to visit your video and your site. thanks if you are going to do it.

  10. You are a chinese guy aren’t you, i can recoginse a chinese girl shouting in chinese, your daughter?
    I guess im good at chinese listening, hahaha im a student in china

  11. Português, os hinos do cantor cristão que estão no fundo do vídeo são lindos.
    Você é batista?

    This is church Baptist fundamental?

  12. Hi can u please tell me how u use windows live messenger ive been looking for about a yr and i cant install it pleasee, i miss talking to my family

  13. What is the source of the beautiful piano background music you used on your excellent “50 Things to do with Apple iPad” youtube video?


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