Alfawise V9S BL517 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Best Deals

Yeah… Check out the latest Alfawise V9S BL517 Robot Vacuum Cleaner with laser navigation and smart mop. Yup, it is their most advanced robot vacuum. Equipped with LDS sensor and SLAM, it can see around 10 times per second, generating a precise map of your home after it finishes cleaning it once. Thanks to gyroscope navigation, it follows a specific zigzag route it figures out and never leaves any area unclean. The water tank is integrated with a dust collector so it can sweep and mop simultaneously. Sound great? Details insides…

Main Features:

  • Smart robot vacuum with exquisite appearance, a winner of Reddot design
  • Smart, efficient cleaning: LDS sensor, 10 times 360-degree scanning per second + SLAM for precise mapping, tagging obstacles, avoiding repetitive works
  • Gyroscope navigation, autonomous planning, zigzag cleaning routes to avoid missing any area
  • Smart App to specify cleaning areas and forbidden zones; voice control supports Amazon Alexa and Google Home for more convenient hands-free cleaning
  • 2-in-1 water tank controlled by electricity, even dripping with more precise control of water drops, avoid damaging the floor when standby or charging
  • Up to 1500Pa strong suctionandmultiple cleaning modes to adapt to different environments: standard mode for living room, kitchen; powerful mode for carpet; silent mode for baby’s room and break time
  • Self-charging, automatic return to the charging base in case of low battery or completion of cleaning
  • Seven sets of brushless motors, 200 percent more durable, meeting international waterproof and dustproof standards

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