Download DFT LEO MAGLDR Bootloader v1.13 for HTC HD2

Yeah… Another version of DFT LEO MAGLDR Bootloader was released by Cotulla. And this brings it up to version 1.13 now. It is like a Chinese New Year Gift to me. Thanks Cotulla.

What’s New in MAGLDR v1.13?

  • Added support for Android Recovery (AD Recovery)
  • Added support for raw boot partition format (like in native android devices)
  • Fixed USBMassStorage data lost on big transfers
  • Fixed Power-Off-Cable-Plug-Stop. Phone now detects this situation and reboots. Battery controller inside LEO needs runtime control during charge, it implemented in OS.
  • v1.13 still compatible with 1.10 1.11 1.12. Future version maybe not compatible with previous, be warned.
  • Added option “ClearSD MBR”. which erase MBR, so card can be formatted via any program after WP7 boot (“200 Mb problem”).

Future Development Plans

  • Add Haret’s startup.txt support for Android SD
  • Fast boot support
  • Support of fixed partitions layout with ability to reflash any partition
  • WM65 NAND boot with any rom
  • WM65 NAND boot with special designed roms for MAGLDR boot.

MAGLDR v1.13 is not a must upgrade for existing users. But it does bring some new features and fixes certain bugs. No harm to try it anyway. And looking forward for future features.

Download DFT LEO MAGLDR Bootloader v1.13 here.