Enable hidden floating, docking & 4 Multi Window on Galaxy Note 3

Multi Window is a great feature on Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Want to push it further? Yes, you can do so with MultiWindow Plus. It is a mod that enables floating, docking and quad view features. Don’t just stay with dual view only, right? Thing to take note – there may be graphical issues or stability issues and that is why Samsung disabled them in the production firmware version. But no harm to try since no root access is needed. Just remove it if you don’t like it. Note – root access is required.

MultiWindow Plus

Interested? Download the free version at XDA Forum here.


  1. Hi Jayce,

    I’ve been following your blog for quite sometime and it’s very useful. However, I think there’s a correction that you need to make for this post. Root access is required as tested on my non-rooted note 3. Clarified by viewing into the developer’s site as directed by the link in your page.

    Thank you and Merry X’mas!


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