How to install firmware on Samsung Galaxy S2 with Odin? (Video)

How to install firmware on Samsung Galaxy S II? You can flash official or custom firmware into Samsung Galaxy S2 with Odin. No need to wait for official firmware release through Samsung KIES and install it yourself with Odin3. Or flash custom firmware that you prefer. This step by step video guide will show you how to install new official firmware on Samsung Galaxy S2 with Odin3.


  • Odin3
  • Firmware

Note – You should not face any issue with upgrading to newer official firmware. Your applications and data will be intact. However, factory reset might be needed when you downgrade firmware to older version because you might face boot loop issue. Therefore, make sure you make a backup before install new firmware.

Step by Step Guide

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Click on About phone.
  3. Find out your SGS2 kernel version.
  4. Then power off your phone.
  5. Press and hold down Volume Down + Home + Power buttons at the same time.
  6. Press Volume Up button when warning prompt.
  7. Odin download mode will be loaded.
  8. Connect USB cable to your phone.
  9. At PC, extract firmware .tar file that you downloaded to Firmware folder.
  10. Then bring up Odin3.
  11. Click on PDA.
  12. Select the .tar at Firmware folder.
  13. Click Start then.
  14. Remove USB cable from your phone when you see green PASS! at Odin3.
  15. That’s all and enjoys new firmware.

Download Odin3 v1.85 here.
Download official Samsung Galaxy S2 firmware here.


  1. i am facing an issue. i am from india i am updating my galaxy s2 firmware but my flashing process gets hanged at filename BOOT.BIN

  2. i downloaded the firmware from the link you gave and did exactly as youve listed. though at the end, my kernel changed to xxkg5 but not my baseband and build no. my android version also remained at 2.3.3

  3. hi bro,

    your article is very helpful.. helps a lot to me on FW upgrade.

    btw i wanted to ask about viewing videos on samsung galaxy s2. do you have any recommended player app which can directly view any .avi files fom my PC without any conversion? i tried to convert my .avi to .mp4 but doesn’t work well. when i open it on the default video player, it only plays 1 min and after that it says “file error”. i tried it on different files but got same error.

    thanks in advance for any tips you can give.

          • I just have a small silly doubt.I am already rooted on stock ROM on Gingerbread using CF Root.If i upgrade to ICS,do i have to first unroot my GB to stock and then install ICS?If not,will I lose my root after flashing the ICS firmware directly?Also my kernel is XWKF3.Should i use the same file as yours?

  4. Hi Jayce,

    Just bought SG S2 two weeks ago. I noticed my S2 device is facing major problem, Automatically turn on Flight mode problem when make a call and make my call are being dropped and again after deactivate flight mode function after few seconds..

    Therefore, would like to ask you is this normal problem for all SG S2???

    Whether this problem will be solved if I upgrade latest firmware-Litening_Rom_v5-0.rar manually without updating from Samsung Kies???

    Is this updating will void Samsung Malaysia warranty??

    This is my firmware version;

    PHONE: I9100XXKE4
    CSC: I9100ZSKE7
    Build Info: Sat Jun 4 20:01:14 KST2011.

    Kindly reply is much appreciated.

    Thank you.


  5. Jayce,

    Pls help me to clarify this problem. When click basic information in Samsung Kies, it appear that “GT-I9100 Does Not Support Firmware Upgrade”.. But my existing firmware version is old version.
    Is there anything wrong??

    PHONE: I9100XXKE4
    CSC: I9100ZSKE7
    Build Info: Sat Jun 4 20:01:14 KST2011.

  6. I had try your method to change the CSC. Unfortunately, I dont have any choices to click XME.
    it only appear;
    Sales Code: KOR

    Therefore, do you have any method else??

  7. Hey dude, I bought my sg2 from china, and there’s no Market app, etc…
    The Kernel version is: #2
    the Build number is: GINGERBREAD.ZCKG4
    If I do this procedure to change the kernel firmware, Will my phone have the market app, etc…

    If not, what should I do to change this?
    Note, I’m not in china…

    Thanks a lot

  8. Samsung kies is installed but it also not detect my device. should i install kies again. also give me the link for latest drivers which r required.

      • solved it by flashing on another pc. But i want to do it on my own PC.
        I am Confused whats happening with my PC.
        Now I have run KIES and now it detects my phone and i have made backup.
        But the real problem is that it happens sometimes and sometimes it does not happen.

      • So are Custom Firmwares available in TAR Format ?? which is supported in ODIN … I asked you this question because whenever I go to .. a Custom Firmware Page on .. XDA .. etc.. The 1st step mentioned there is “1st of all you need to have a rooted DEVICE” and then they go on blah blah .. about soo many things .. whereas your instructions are soo Simple and Concise .. (straight to the point) .. so I have vouched to follow this Thread.. ๐Ÿ™‚ but I really need to be clear .. From where do I get Custom Firmware which I could ADD in Odin and Directly apply to my Device without Rooting it … (of course I know that after the Firmware is installed the Device will be rooted) my query is .. whether I could start off without applying CF ROOT.. and Clock work Recovery.. mod .. ?
        Much obliged to your solutions .. JAYCE ..

  9. hey can this help to change baseband version too if cant is there anyother solutions because i want to update it to chinese firmware so thati could use it in chinese too.

  10. Hi jayce, I had flash my s2 firmware to xxxkg5 but i hv been having this problem of while
    answering a call the screen blackout. During this blackout, no response to the touch screen,
    unable to power off, also unable to end call.

    Any one else facing the same prob ? Or is this a hardware prob ? If it is a hardware prob,
    will I need to re-flash my firmware before sending to the svc center.

  11. May I know which firmware version more stable and will enhance SGS2 performance especially Battery life… DXKH2 or XXKG5??? Please consult..


  12. hi… how come my firmware is still the same 2.3.3 while yours is 2.3.4?….. my s2 has the same settings>About phone(same as yours). can tell me whats wrong?

      • Hi Jayce thank you for the fast reply…. I would like to install the 2.3.4 and this is my phones information

        Model Number GT-I9100
        Android Version 2.3.3
        Basedband Version I9100DXKF1
        Kernel Version ROOT@DELL106#2

          • uhm….. thanks for the fast reply… but I don’t know what firmware sorry i am not a techie… T_T however I download this item in the site which is the name GT-I9100_XME_I9100XWKF1_I9100DXKF1_I9100OLBKE5.tar

              • I see…. uhm… can share me what is the latest firmware?…. i’ve read all your Post.. and I saw 1 of your post the LeoMar75 Rom Revolution v2.5 , and even saw this post How to install firmware on Samsung Galaxy S2 with ClockworkMod Recovery? (Video)….

                thanks for the fast reply..

                  • Hi…. does this firmware fix my issues? like my battery drains a lot T_T?

                    Thanks for the info. about this firmware … can share me on where to Download the latest firmware?… I really appreciate your kindness in helping people like me who don’t know about the tech. today xD and thats a fact… ๐Ÿ˜€

  13. If I were to install XXKG5 from XXKH3 (Frankenstein firmware) in my Galaxy S2 thru Odin, do I need to wipe my data & cache? Or is it better to just leave it and wait for new updates? Can’t seem to get Google video chat even on 2.3.4? Im on XXKH3 now.

    By the way, I’m hearing echos of my own voice during my calls, is there a way to fix it? I’ve googled but can’t seem to find a straight answer

  14. HI,,

    I just update my firmware to 2.3.4 but there is a problem..

    1. I turn off my phone and charge,after charging to 100%.
    2. When I turn it on, it says in my battery widget 97% is this a bug or a my battery has a issue?

  15. hi.. my concern now is that at 1st it was 97% but now 96%. daaaahhhhh……. it seems like there is a bug? for this firmware 2.3.4?

  16. Hi,

    I would like to install this in my SGS2 [ROM] Lite’ning Rom v6.1 XXKH3 – Fast as Lightning

    does this ROM works in my firmware 2.3.4(KG5)?

    sorry for many questions

    1. do I need to root my phone 1st?
    2. does this application brick my phone?

    thank you and GOD bless

  17. hi jayce once again, i want to install now k13, but base on the threaded message above, do i need to root my mobile using cf root, take note i already update it before my handset to XXKG2 2.3.4 and now i want to change it to XXk13 do you think it will work without rooting and also i downloaded the titanium back-up in android market , but when i open the application it says Error:Sorry i can’t acquire root privileges. this application will not work, please verify that your rom is rooted and includes busy box and try again . it says like that i answer my own question…hehehehe but anyway what will happen if i rooted my mobile? and is there any possibility to return it back to stock firmware just in-case?

    anyway thank you very much for sharing , you help a lot all newbie in SG2 including me..



  18. Thanks for the update and Odin guide,works very well.After the update samsung Kies in my computer says “cannot update this version”,any workaround for that,I thought this was an official release?…I have an unbranded swedish phone

  19. hi jayce i totally blur my phone SGS 2 still at opening logo SAMSUNG with Triangle logo it happen when i download the root file so what should i do to solve it tq my phone cant open or use to touch

  20. Hey, i have a question, i used your method to upgrade my phone to lite’ning ROM. it worked perfectly, now i’m reading about CyanogenMod, and i would to Mod into it instead, can i use the same method, or i should move to stock first?

  21. Hi Mr., i have some trouble with my SGS2 after i update firmware 2.3.5 (XXKI3). my phone it’s seem unknown usb storage because when i open gallery it’s not load image or video from usb storage and can’t be connect with pc to use removeable. plz plz plz ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ help help help… thanks in advance.. much much.

  22. dear Mr.Jayce,

    I have just got an unlocked brand-new SGS2 from ChinaMobile operator where I live ( did not use it yet )

    I have already gone through all the threads above, and became happy to find an expert like urself who’s been able to help most of them

    my problem is that – although they changed the settings to English – I still am getting many messages in Chinese ( which I don’t understand being an Arab )

    the most am interested in are the following three:

    1. GPS with English map and English narrating ( I mean the voice commands language )
    2. to use Viber
    3. to enter the world of Android softwares like free programs and games maybe

    can I change from my firmware to an English one?

    Model number GT-I9108
    Android version 2.3.4
    Baseband version I9108 ZMKH6
    Kernel version se.infra@SEI-27 #2
    Hardware versioin I9108.01
    Build number gingerbread.ZMKH6

    I prefer to change the firmware to English using Kies, Would that be possible ??

    Thank u in advance.

      • thx 4 prompt reply …

        I9108 is still SGS2 , isn’t it ? and which one is better I9108 or I9100 ?

        can u pls help me out though

        I’m so much grateful.

        Unfortunately, in China u can not open utube, thus I couldn’t watch ur video, even with ultrasurf

        is it uploaded onto any file share site by any good chance?

        Thx a million

          • appreciate ur prompt reply

            would you be so kind to me referring me to some link or someone which can help me out; am very new to the domain of smart phones ( it’s my first one actually )

            I almost do know nothing about ur Jargon ( Brick – root – ROM – flush .. etc. )

            yet am a bit confused … this post is for SGS2 and mine is SGS2 something am sure about.

            may god bless u Jayce,

            • SGS2 has lot of models like I9100, I9100G, I9100T and US versions too. You can only use the stuffs developed for your own model.

              I google I9108 and couldn’t find English website that has more information about it. Most Chinese. Sorry…

              May God bless you too, Hussam. ๐Ÿ™‚

              • Thx a lot 4 ur continuous knowledge contribution and expertise volunteering Jayce.

                Today, I went to Samsung service center, and Mr.Feng โ€“ there – was wondering whether exchanging my device with an I9100 one, would solve the Chinese language problem. Would it ??
                ( He says I9100 is Chinese too, and with much less features than I9108 )

                What do YOU think Jayce ?

                I mean is it like I can get a firmware compatible with I9100 which is developed for ENGLISH speaking countries ?
                You are the man Jayce ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. Hi jayce I bought SGS2 1 week ago in pakistan firmware version on my phone is XWKG1. now I want to install JPKG2 version so i downloaded the file in 7zip now when i extract the file, rar file comes out of it then i extract the rar file 6 files comes out but the tar format which u shows in video is not available. pl help

  24. thx dear Jayce
    which one’s CPU & GPU is better, the international version I9100 or my mobile I9108 ?
    PS. am interested in English GPS especially in China and Viber as well.

  25. Hi Jayce,

    Need advice.

    I have brought a new SG2 contract phone 3 weeks back and updated the firmware as below from Kies.

    Version: 2.4.5
    PDA: XWKI4

    Just planning to upgrade my firmware to 2.3.4 to 2.3.5 because of batter performance. Before i processed, i have questions on my mind.

    1. Can i upgrade to 2.3.5 with my current version?
    2. If i upgrade firmware without rooting my warrenty still valid?
    3. If iโ€™m not rooting my phone. what kind of issues i will face in future upgrades or with market place?
    4. If i upgrade my firmware to 2.3.5 and rooted. Can i pull back my pervious version (2.3.4)?

    Appreciate on your advice.


  26. Hi Jayce, i would like to ask you some about how to root SGS2 with firmware XXKI3?
    Please kindly to guide or give me some hint, link…! thanks in advance.

  27. Hi Mr.Jayce, after rooted my phone, y i can’t access facebook for android? it always alert
    “An error occured during sign in. Please Try again later.” . i really need ur help. ๐Ÿ™

  28. hi Jayce how are u i wanted ask the i bought mu sg2 2 month back

    Model number GT-I9100
    Android Version 2.3.3
    Baseband version I9100XXkf1
    kernel version
    builder name gingerbread.jpkg2

    can i update it to 2.3.5 if yes can u provide me the link thnx in advance

  29. Hi Jayce

    I want to remove everything off my phone and install new firmware. Will the installation wipe everything automatically or how do I delete everything off first?

    Thanks heaps.

  30. I just got my GS2 and I am confused. If I want to flash CFW, do I need to root 1st? Or just download the CFW and flash with ODIN? And the kernel version? Different version have different CFW? Can I mix them?

  31. Hi Jayce
    I recently bought Samsung Galaxy S2, and i observed that it is having heating issue (slightly). I read in one of the forum that its Firmware need to be updated in order to overcome this issue. But i am not sure if my version is latest or not. Please find the details as follows:
    PDA: I9100DXKI2
    Phone: I9100DXKI1
    CSC: I9100OLCKH1.

    Could you please let me know if it is the latest one. If not what procedure do i need to do to update the firmware. ?

  32. Thank you very much for this update. When i check the version of android it is showing as 2.3.3, Could you please tell me if it is the latest version or not. If not, could you please tell me how to install the latest version which is officially available for samsung galaxy S2.

  33. Hey Jayce ,

    Could you tell if i install an official samsung firmware ( FROM DIFFERENT REGION than mine) then do i need to root my phone ? I am from India and currently the latest firmware here is 2.3.3 but i want to shift to 2.3.5 (EUROPEAN region firmware). So do i need to root ? Or simply follow the procedure you told in this post ??

  34. jayce : i don’t know my original firmware my first time before i upgrade…. i”m from malaysia… where i can find my original firmware…

  35. Hi,
    I failed to flash and cannot enter back to download mode.

    the screen is black and have small icon like connection between pc and mobile with caution sign in the middle

    [mobile icon] — [caution sign] — [pc icon]

    what does this mean?


  36. mine is GTi9100, don’t have the G? not sure about that. My case same as the above. Hmm, too bad. What else i can do? the firmware that i install is the xxkg1.

  37. i get it at the hmm…i really have no idea else what to do. If still can’t fix it, i think i need to send my phone to samsung service center… sigh.

  38. Hi Jayce I have updated my SGS2 from 2.3.3 to 2.3.5 through samsung kies. My currentbaseband version is I9100XKI4, kernel version is root@DELL144#2 Build No: is gingerbread.XWKJ2. Now I want to install PDA:JPKJ2, PHONE:XXKI4 version on my SGS2. Pl guide me the method in detail for installing this version.

  39. Hi Jayce I have updated my SGS2 from 2.3.3 to 2.3.5 through samsung kies. My currentbaseband version is I9100XKI4, kernel version is root@DELL144#2 Build No: is gingerbread.XWKJ2. Now I want to install PDA:JPKJ2, PHONE:XXKI4 version on my SGS2. Pl guide me the method in detail for installing this version.

  40. Hi Jayce i got prob… i just update my S2 for XXKG5. from XDAdevelopers

    The prob is my android is 2.3.3
    baseband I9100DXKI1
    kernal #2

    HELP PLS…..

  41. If i wana back to stock firmware did i need a usb jig?
    My S2 frm Singapore what is the stock firmware?
    Last if i back to stock did all my apps data will be erase?

  42. Hell Jayce

    I am from india and i installed a custom rom on my phone thru CWM but it just gets stuck displaying GALAXY S2 Logo with yellow triangle and doesnt go further and aslo get an error E: cant mount

    dont really know what happened it jus doesnt accept any custom rom firmware but runs stock firmwares

    pls help me

  43. Hi,
    I cannot get my SGS2 connected to PC, despite usb debugging, usb connection enabling etc etc which are suggested by some forums.
    So I am not able to upgrade!
    Any ideas how to fix this problem?

  44. I managed to upgrade the firmware to 2.3.6 XWKK5 using mobile odin.
    It flashed smoothly.
    Now the phone shows:
    Android version:2.3.6
    Build number: Gingerbread.XWKK5
    Kernal Version:

    However, the baseband version is still: I9100XXKG6 ( I HAD XXKG6 firmware installed before current upgrade). Is that OK?
    Also, the sound is quite distorted right from the bootup.
    I am still unable to get connected to PC.
    BTW, I did a factory reset, but my wall paper is still there.
    Please help.

  45. Hi Sir,

    I just wanted to know if i update my phone to 2.3.6 using your method will i still be able to update to 2.3.7 or 4.0.1(if any) provided by Samsung through Kies ? Also do i need to root my phone before using Odin to put 2.3.6 ? And does manually updating would put any bloatware or any other additional app which is unrequired or not in english?? And is this update be ok for an indian version of S II which is still officially stuck to 2.3.3?? Also is this a global version of 2.3.6 or a region specific update which would be pushed to other S II ??


    Also a quick reply to my queries would be appreciatedโ€ฆ Thanxs in advance !!

    • Yes but from Europe region firmware. No root access is needed. It will have apps for Europe. Yes, as long as your SGS2 is GT-I9100 model. Not global but for that region only.

  46. Hi jayce

    XXKI3 and XXKI4 which battery life is better? read from xda forum that quite a number of people complaining XXKI4 drain a lot battery power compare to XXKI3

  47. hi jay,,,,i bought a new samsung galaxy s2 i9100 the details are, ANDROID VERSION 2.3.3, BASEBAND VERSION I9100XXKF1, KERNEL VERSION VERSION 101#2, BUILD NUMBER GINGERBREAD.JPKF3. when i tried to press phone icon on screen, the screen goes blank and it says that android.process.acore has stopped unexpectedly. please try again later followed by force close soft key. also what ever i try to open like google etc..the mesage of android.process.acore has stopped unexpectedly comes frequently. can u please guide me what to do to get the dialler pad. thanks

  48. Probs updating to Gingerbread 2.3.5 via Kies & Win 7

    Hi Jay
    I’m having probs updating my S2 to 2.3.5 (the latest available, here in Italy with my provider .- from Gingerbread 2.3.3). This is the routine:
    1. I connect the phone, start Kies & then I get the message saying a firmware update is available.
    2. I click to accept & Kies downloads the update (tho I think it disconnects the phone in the process).
    3. A window appears saying Kies is preparing the update, but here it seems to freeze up.
    4. Whilst this is frozen, Kies (in the background) presents a msg saying a new firmware update is available (as in point 1, above).

    Kies is up to date (in fact I’ve updated it 3 times & installed/uninstalled/reinstalled each version – same result).

    I also download ODIN 3 v1.85 (to try as per your vid, above), but it crashes as it opens.

    I have a Windows 7 32 bit on a laptop & a dongle internet connection.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in Advance

  49. will these wipe all my data inside the phone and do i need to root it before upgrading? if so how do i backup everything? i’m totally new to this and i’ll be thankful if you can help. ๐Ÿ™‚

  50. Hey i need help urgently. i tried to intall the firmware on my galaxy. when it was about finish it suddenly said failed.Then i repeat the step many times but no matter what i try it says fail.So now i cant turn on my phone.Pls help.

  51. Hello Jayce ! I have quick question but serious. I downloaded 2.3.6 and followed all the steps. its now rooted but the p[roblem is my Chainfire 3d detect my rooted 2.3.6 gingerbread as NON-rooted firmware. what should i do ?

  52. Hi,

    I got a korean set SGS2 model M250S. Due to the limitations of the Korean Characters, the sms can only type 80 characters. I am from Singapore and wanna flash a Singapore original firmware. I am very very new at this so I am wondering if I need to root my phone before following your tutorial? And what version of the firmware should I download? Please advise. Thanks a million

    Firmware: Gingerbread EE31 version 2.3.3

  53. I have flashed my samsung galaxy s2 via odin using single file I9100XWKL1_I9100ODDKL1_INU but it did not delete my previous apps, moreover the factory reset is just deleting my apps not sd card data though I have selected to erase sd card data too..Last time when I have flashed for 2.3.5 it had 3 files and it was a fresh install asking me to enter email id and time after installing the firmware but this time it did not happen….can you explain me what is the difference between flashing using single file and flashing using multiple files…???? I have googled about it but they’re it says it does not make any difference…
    I want a fresh install like last time…
    and I have downloaded the firmware from sammobile…

  54. Hi, Jayce. I have just rooted my SG2 (XWKI4 – Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread ) with your video guide and everything went smooth and perfect – thanks. Now I think to update my firmware to 2.3.6 which according all info is the latest official. I have some questions:
    1. From the link you`ve provided ( ) which Firmware you think I should download?
    2. From that same link what exactly do I need to download – kernel stock and the pkg with the firmware ??
    3. If I do firmware upgrade to 2.3.6 and kernel upgrade also, will all info from my phone be wiped ?
    4. Now, when I got my phone rooted, which program will you recommend for backup of my data ?

  55. hi jayce i have fallen into a very big trouble please help me out
    i just updated my galaxy s2 to android 2.3.6 yesterday and i tried to root it today and i rooted it successfully but after rooting my phone stopped on sgs2 logo and restarted over and over again and now its not even switching on, not charging, not even opens in odin mode so that i could restore my phone through cwm
    plz help me out

  56. Hello Jayce.

    Need your help..urgent
    1. XWKI4; can i change it to XXKG5 ?
    2. If i install another firmware in sgs2, can do it without recovery data?
    3. How we want to reinstall the previous version?

    need ur help.

        • help me plz..
          1. i read&follow all instruction u give but why still cannot finish after reboot..? my sgs2 still reboot and reboot again and again after finished download firmware XXKG5 using Odin3 v1.85.
          2. any idea how to solve this problem…

          actually before uprgade firmware, iam used Android version:2.3.4 , Baseband:I9100XXKI1, Kernel version: root@Dell143 #2.

  57. hai malaysian too
    but im stay at egypt…i buy my SGS2 here..

    would all the apps will be lost after flash the new official firmwarre 2.3.6 using ODIN?
    would it effect anything like 3G network?


  58. Hi,

    I followed the instructions in ur website to flash the ROM of my galaxys2 with one of the Frankenstein firmwares given in the website. My vendor (Bouyges Telecom, France) currently provides Ginger bread 2.3.4 version . But I am running a Frankenstein firmware version of android 2.3.6. Now i just booted in the ODIN mode to check my firmware version and binary count. It says “samsung official” and the count is still “zero”.
    However,,, Samsung keis does not recognize the firmware of my device for updates. So my question is ,,, will the warranty for my device be void ? ? Could you please give me some information on this?


      • Hi,

        Thank you for the reply. I have few more questions. So ,, if you say mine is a Custom ROM (my ODIN download mode shows that I have Samsung Official Rom and Custom Binary counter is still 0) why is my Custom binary counter still showing 0 count and why is it still showing “Samsung official” firmware? ? What does that mean then ? As i told u mine is a Frankenstein firmware running Android 2.3.6.

        So does this mean that,, if i have to flash my firmware back to original vendor provided ROM, I dont need to reset this Binary counter using a USB Jig (since mine is already showing 0) ? And I ll safely be entitled for to my guarantee again ? ?


  59. BASEBAND : I9100XXKF1
    KERNEL : root@DELL101 #2

    How to update ? what is the correct Firmware to download ? Thanks !

  60. Does firmware upgrade of reinstalling of the same firmware will remove the applications? I have some applications which are giving problem to me and I cannot remove them through the phone. How do I remove these applications?

  61. Hey Jaycee,

    I bought my phone in China 2 weeks ago and I would like to change it to any firmware but from what I understand a lot of people brick their phones! Since I usually use gmail and want to use the english version of android market. Is it safe to do it your way? I have no knowledge so I’d rather ask before I do anything with my new phone. I hope you can help me

    Thanks in advance,


  62. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I kept flashing my phone (that was stuck in bootloop) with the XXKG1 firmware, since I couldn’t acces the phone and go to “about phone”. So I looked at my dad’s SGS2 from maxis, and it said the firmware was XXKG1, so I thought mine would be the same since I purchased it from Malaysia (not in maxis though). But it kept being stuck in the bootloop. Then I tried your firmware, and that did the trick. So I’m guessing Maxis gets their phones from USA or Europe and not from asia since XXKG1 according to XDA is not from asia, it’s from europe. Hmm strange. Anyways, thank you so much! Keep it up!.

  63. Stuck in boot.bin means you forget to enable USB debugging mode in setting – Application – Development. Hope it helps

    And if you don’t want to install KIES in your PC, you have to install Samsung mobile USB driver in your PC so your PC can detect your SGS II

  64. hi, i bought my samsung galaxy s2 from online. it was brand new but from hong kong. i live in australia, when i plugged my phone into the computer to transport data it asked me to update firmware. when i clicked yes it got stuck on 10%. Now the phone wouldnt turn on anymore and samsung australia doesnt help me because they say its from hong kong and hong kong recovery firmware needs to be put into the phone. Can anyone help me with this….how can i get the firmware update hong kong version from kies???

  65. Thanks for all the help, i fixed my phone, but i lost everything i had in it :@
    its all back to factory settings :/
    at least i have my phone back though

  66. G’day,
    I purchased on eBay the Samsung Galaxy S2 Epic Touch that is CDMA hardwired for Sprint. I live in Canada and my server is Telus. I need to break the root and to unlock it. Can you help describe the steps necessary to be able to use my server and optionally stop using my old and slow?
    I am also unsure if I should wait for ICS as it has Gingerbread 2.3.6 but still unable to make any logical connections as still locked. I guess my main question is how to unlock it.
    Thanks bud!!

  67. Hi Jayce
    I was using my Samsung galaxy S2 for a while and suddenly today all the contact is missing from the mobile. I am able to get a back up from Sim card and rest is completely gone. Could you please help on this !!!

    Thanks in Advance

  68. hi brother,i bought my unlocked samsung galaxy s2 from ebay and it was working perfectly for a month and after that stoped and when i went to the repair shop they told me that has been blocked by the company and i need to get in tuch with them and i dont know which company is that,is there is any solution please?

  69. hi jayce. i was using 2.3.5 xxki4 as suggested by you earlier.. it all went well.. n my phone is rooted as well.
    now if i wanna upgrade to xwkk2 2.3.6, how am i to do it.
    since its already rooted i don wanna take a chance. please help.

  70. Only 3 questions Jayce
    1.Have you tried Hyperdroid androidmeda ROM 2.3.6.?How is it?
    2.If I have to install it,should I wipe data/cache first always ?If I dont like it,instead of flashing stock firmware again,can I just restore my stock image through NANDROID?
    3.what do you suggest?installing rom through CWM recovery(sdcard) or ODIN?
    Please reply.thanks

      • Thanks,so I assume that restoring through NAND(CWM) is alternative to flashing stock firmware(in fact better,since it will even come up with apps installed;while I’d have to reinstall apps using TB in latter case)

        Which custom ROM(official) do you think is best?(battery saver too)?

  71. hi was downgrading my sgs2 and it was stuck i put out the bettery and then stuck in a phone and a pc picture with triangle in middle what should i do now help me out thank you

    • Enter CS for MD5..
      Check MD5.. Do not unplug the cable..
      Please wait..
      CODE_I9100XXKI3_CL577579_REV02_user_low_ship.tar.md5 is valid.
      MODEM_I9100XXKI3_REV_02_CL1062028.tar.md5 is valid.
      Checking MD5 finished Sucessfully..
      Leave CS..
      Odin v.3 engine (ID:11)..
      File analysis..
      Get PIT for mapping..
      Firmware update start..

      Complete(Write) operation failed.
      All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 1)

      • i am doing that but my phone is not going in downloding mode and also not in recovry only shows me a mobile ….triangle….pc picture this is the firmware i am trying “I9100GXWKJ2_I9100GODDKJ2_I9100GDDKI1_HOME.tar.md5” now it start installing but shows fail installation

        • Enter CS for MD5..
          Check MD5.. Do not unplug the cable..
          Please wait..
          I9100GXWKJ2_I9100GODDKJ2_I9100GDDKI1_HOME.tar.md5 is valid.
          Checking MD5 finished Sucessfully..
          Leave CS..
          Odin v.3 engine (ID:11)..
          File analysis..
          Get PIT for mapping..
          Firmware update start..

          Complete(Write) operation failed.
          All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 1)

  72. i have updatred firm ware pak-1900jpkj2/i900ojpkj1 andriod 2.3.5 ginger bread.after updating my phone restarting one by one what can i do.just restating nothing happening

  73. haii Jayce,,

    i am tony from Saudi… but my problem.. before i am using original android 2.3 GT-I9100G…
    I UP date not current way.. fall … mor than trayy.. all.. but last one file take… now working .. but main problem… now my phone base version I9100GDZKI1 , KERNEL VERSION SE.INFRA@SEI-22#2, BUILD NUMBER GINGERBREAD.DZKI1… i Don’t …..i n Saudi what kernel file using ls help Mme…. conect pc Samsung Kies.. see not up date ur veration.. pls help mee…

  74. Hi Jayce,

    I have a stock S2 and about to upgrade to latest Official Firmware. Is it possible to take a backup Image of the device with data/apps without rooting the device ?


  75. hy bro i wanted some help i m usine s2 and its on custom rom of gingerbread 2.3.6 n when i connected it to kies kies says your device does not support upgrading via kies how can i solve this upgrade problem

  76. I have bought Samsung Galaxy S2 in the Netherlands last year. I live in Thailand but I did not want to risk counterfeit. Because of an accident the motherboard had to be replaced and loaded with Asean software with asean languages and English. But I like to have european software.
    Currently I have on the system:
    Kernel version:
    Build number: GINGERBREAD.DXXKI2

    I have downloaded:



    Is the latter suitable to install on the phone by following your routing tutorial? Which files do I need to install?

    thank you in advance

  77. Guys, can any body help me? Iยดm trying to extract the ICS 4.0.3 firmware for SGS2, and it always comes an error, and the file desnยดt unzip… Is there any other program i can use? Please help me, i want to try ICS….


  78. hi jayce i have a got an orange galaxy s2 which is unlocked and is running android 2.3.3.i wana ask that can i flash it with any official samsung firmware that is for generic s2 not carrier branded and secondly will my phone b locked again after flashing it with upcoming firmwares??

    • Hi Ahmad, I wish that I know the answer. But I don’t have locked SGS2. Not so sure about it. Maybe you can refer to others at XDA website who have the same model as yours. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  79. does installing he firmware thought the official one from odin does this mean i have rooted my device will it invalidate my samsung support.
    thanks for the reply

  80. Jayce, I am back again.

    I bought a Samsung Galaxy S2 I9000 in the Netherlands, SIM free. When the phone had an accident the motherboard needed to be replaced. This was done by Samsung Services in Thailand since I live in Thailand. So now I have an Asian version which I do not like at all and is not so handy.
    I have rooted the phone, Kernel version:, root@DELL147#2, GINGERBREAD.DXKI2. I like to download an European version software or Dutch version.
    Searched for and found a few that I think that might do the job:
    XWKK2: PDA:XWKK2, PHONE: XXKI4, Date: 11/11/2011, Android 2.3.6
    XEN (Netherlands), XWKK2 Stock Kernel
    XWKJ3: PDA:XWKJ3, PHONE: XXKI4, Date: 25/10/2011, Android 2.3.5
    XEN (Netherlands), XWKJ3 Stock Kernel
    CEKI2: PDA:CEKI2 ,PHONE: XXKI1, Date: 19/09/2011, Android 2.3.4
    XEN (Netherlands), CEKI2 Stock Kernel.

    Now I have a few questions:
    1. Which version would fit my situation best?
    2. Or is there a better version?
    3. Do I need to download the stock kernel as well?
    4. Or will just downloading the CSD do?

  81. follow your steps and successfully install stock ICS. before this, i’m using miui on my sgs2. keep up the good work jayce ๐Ÿ™‚

  82. Dear Jayce,

    Thanks brother, going through your replies I could get the solution to successufully install latest released 4.0.3 for Bangladesh. Thanks again, keep it up. I think I will often fall back to consult.

  83. what if i install official europian firmware in india will this be considered root. please help iam about to install the ics firmware you have on your website. thank you for your reply.

    • Install official firmware with Odin is not rooting. Because you still don’t have root access after installed it. But install other region firmware might void warranty.

    • blue themed ics is vanilla. means what you see on galaxy nexus is original ICS theme. if you flash your SGS2 with firmware above, it comes with samsung stock interface, hence the green icons.

  84. Guys.. the ODIN does not detect my SGS2 while in Download mode.. In normal mode it detects.. I tried to enable/disable USB debugging.. tried to kill the Kies process.. Nothing works.. Any help will be appreciated..

      • I have downloaded the …..tar.md5 and odin .. I connected the phone to pc in regular mode and started ODIN, it detected my phone.. I then went to download mode.. But odin does not detect phone, PC searches for a serial port driver and does not find it.. As per google, I installed samsung composite drivrrs, but no use.. I tried to enable/disable usb debugging.. Killed the kies processes in task manager.. No use..

          • No jayce. The phone does not get detected in odin download mode.. Thats the issue here.. What I meant was.. When the phone was connected to the pc in regular mode (not in odin download mode).. I started the odin exe jus to check..and I saw the yellow com… Then I restarted the phone by using volume+home+power button, the odin download mode came up.. But the yellow com disappeared which obviously means odin cannot detect phone in downld mode..instead the pc asks for a driver for the serial I installed some driver called samsung component driver.. But stil it asks fr driver.. I browsed thru and saw suggestions like usb debugging, killing kies, restart pc.. I tried all of that, but to no use..

  85. hi, i was just wondering, if i install the official EU ICS4 update (i am currently using the official 2.3.4 update i got from kies) but i am in south Africa, will i still be able to use kies and does this root my phone?

    p.s.. is there a downside to this?

    • Samsung Kies should work fine on official Europe ICS firmware (but I did not use Samsung Kies personally. So not so sure). No, install official firmware does not root your phone.

      ICS firmware is still not 100% perfect yet. And certain apps cannot support ICS yet.

  86. i have recently bought a samsung galaxy s2 GT-I9100 and have been having trouble with vlingo operating when it shouldnt and basically taking over the phone and running it flat all by itself. i was wondering if its possible that i can update the phone so this won’t happen or if you had any solutions. my phone operating details are: Android Version 2.3.4 Baseband Version I9100XXKI1 Kernal Version #2 Build Number GINGERBREAD.XWKI4 . I was also after any specfic information like the region details and what it all means and the best system slash thing i can do thanks in advance

  87. I tried following all the steps provided above but the Odin isn’t uploading the update
    Please what can I do as I am afraid my phone might not work if I should disconnect

  88. Hi Jayce!

    Thanks for the instructions.
    I wanted to upgrade my SGS2 firmware to 2.3.6 and started following your instructions.
    But i seem to have downloaded the wrong file. I d/loaded it from
    But nothing happened when i unzipped this file and used it in Odin.
    Can you please locate the exact URL for downloading the firmware for 2.3.6?
    This is kinda urgent.
    Please help.


  89. Jayce, i have a SGS2 with
    PDA “I9100XWKI4 ” and CSC “I9100XEUKH2″…
    Can i use this ICS update
    PDA”I9100DXLP7” and CSC “I9100OLBLP7” (from Philippines)??

  90. hi, i have bought my S2 recently and i found tht kies unable to detect my s2 . and it said the firmware is not recogonize. hereby is my s2 info details. please kindly guide me to updatge the firmware.
    model number: GT-9100
    android version: 2.3.3
    baseband version: I9100XXKE4
    kernel version: jdk6@jtj-desktop #6
    build number:GINGERBREAD.ZSKF1

  91. Ho Jayce,

    It did not work for me unfortunately. When I selected the file for the PDA, click start it comes up:

    Odin v.3 engine (ID:5)..
    File analysis..
    Complete(Write) operation failed.
    All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 1)

    I have currently ICS on my SGS2 (what I flashed with your instruction guide without any difficulties:).
    As I don’t like ICS I tried to revert back to Gingerbread 2.3.6. (I followed your instructions step by step.)

    Any ideas?

    Many thanks,


  92. why is that your build number on the video is still Gingerbread something? Should it become Ice Cream Sandwich?

  93. Hi Jayce
    My GT-i9100 (2.3.6) does not recognize the SIM card; I’made data factory reset, but still with problem.
    Shall I reinstall firmware and odin?

  94. hi jayce!i got quick question.when you install firmware which type of file it has to be?i mean winrar’md5’or tar?coz in your video it shows file type (tar archive).what does that exectly mean and how can we extract tar archive with 7zip?

  95. hi jayce!im trying to install firmware the way you showd in video.but as soon as i start odin3 and add firmware i got message odin3 cumunicator has stopd working!any sloutin for this problem?

  96. odin3 cumunicator has stopd working!i got this message after trying good few tyms i always got this error.thanks alot for replyin

  97. and now im stuck at(andriod system recovery )cnt get out from there even after wipeing to factort reset.plz help

  98. I am tried to upgrade my firmware but now, my phone is not starting.. i have bought this phone from Korea model number is SHW-250K, firmware version tried to upload is GT-I9100_XSA_I9100XWKK2_I9100XSAKK1_I9100XXKI4, please advise me

  99. This is the message i am getting to my odin
    Enter CS for MD5..
    Check MD5.. Do not unplug the cable..
    Please wait..
    GT-I9100_TGY_I9100ZSLPG_I9100OZSLPG_I9100ZSLPG.tar.md5 is valid.
    Checking MD5 finished Sucessfully..
    Leave CS..
    Odin v.3 engine (ID:7)..
    File analysis..
    Get PIT for mapping..
    Firmware update start..
    NAND Write Start!!

    Complete(Write) operation failed.
    All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 1)

  100. I just have a small silly doubt.I am already rooted on stock ROM on Gingerbread using CF Root.If i upgrade to ICS,do i have to first unroot my GB to stock and then install ICS?If not,will I lose my root after flashing the ICS firmware directly?Also my kernel is XWKF3.Should i use the same file as yours?A bit confused here.Are the ICS kernels different for different countries?

  101. I just bought this SGS2 I9100G. The agent that sold me this phone claim that it is an export set. When I tried to change the language to chinese, I couldn’t find it in the language section. I tried following your instruction to change CSC but it only shows XEF, no other selection available. I tired upgrading the firmware thru Odin but it keep showing Setup Connection for quite awhile then it shows COM Port cannot be opened and a RED FAIL! shown. My USB debugging already turn ON. I had tried using all my laptop USB port, still the same problem. Pls help, I urgently need this chinese language, any other solution? Many thanks.

  102. Hi Jayce, I just received a ss2 phone for my birthday… and have no clue how to remove certain apps and install apps from .apk. So i googled, found out some info and thats what leads me here.

    Checked through all the menu on the settings and non reveals how to install/remove apk files. So i thought if i could remove the entire os and put in something that have the full settings unlocked rooted… but it still needed to enable the usb through application settings to root. But, i dont see the word “applications” or at least anything similar. I assume maybe be because its not rooted or already installed with different firmware, removing the os and replacing it with the common rooted one would work. Not sure, since im new to android…

    Im not sure of “markets” i hear alot, but i do have downloaded apps at my pc. I cant sync my usb to kies either, but the pc reads the storage device well ( yet still as unknown device). My pc is on win 7 and tried installing the drivers separately yet still not recognized exception to mass storage mode.

    Here is the “settings” assuming it is the wheel like screw icon.

    Here is the First thing i see on the settings menu as above :

    The other Menu in the Settings are, Phone and Connection and both has not much choices.

    Not sure how to check “about phone” details either since that choice is not there,

    lastly, the back of my ss2 battery shows :
    model : gt-i9100
    ssn : i9100gsmh
    (So it has a “G” right? i think at this rate im gonna wreck my ss2, since it has some totally unwanted apps in it…)

    Sorry for the long probably silly questions, im still learning, just had it for 2 days. thanks in advance ๐Ÿ™‚


      • Well, i wanted to uninstall some apps. i couldnt. thought it was old firmware, so i decided to remove the current firmware, and add a new firmware and get the root access to it. not sure how exactly when i cant access the phone details or the recovery menu at startup.


  103. hi jayce.i got bit of problem after installing the firmware exectly you showd in you videos via odin.and have rooted my sg2 exectly the way you showd.butt after installing and rooting my sg2 is gone really slow and i mean realy slow.i dont have much apps or anything butt still its too slow even when unlocking the scren it hangs and take good few secs to unlock.i got andriod version 4.03.bsaeband version I9100XXLPQ.kernal version build number any tips or anyway to speed up my fone.plz help.thanks

  104. Hi jayce, if I want to go back to stock from pics 4.0.4 custom rom with custom firmware, I only have to flash the stock firmware to replace the custom rom and kernel as the stock firmware has the stock kernel with it right?

  105. Flashing stock only takes your about 2 minutes right? Very worried on accidentally pulling out the usb cable in the midst of flashing

  106. hi jayce got serious problem my sg2 cant mount sd card in recovery mode?tryed every thing butt no luck i tryed to restart my fone and now its stuck at samsung logo.plz help

  107. and plus i cant even mount sd card in andriod system recovery mode either?it says faild to mount sdcard (no such a file or directory)what does that mean?wh
    at did hve i done wrong plz help

  108. can i format the whole SD card and install firware again?if i do that will sot my problem and what will be the damage?

      • just had it back to coustum firmware and root it exectly the way you showd in you videos.after that im having this problem.n plus in one of your video u showd how to have a backup with CMW i tryed that too but when i got to recovery mode and try to install backup from cmw recovery there is no files or nefing and im keep getting error in both recovery way s either via cmw or anodroid cnt mount sd card.what hve i done wrong or i jus have to flash sd card completly to get it back or anything will i really need to sort that issue and i guess that issue is making my sg2 realy slow and plz any way i can mount my sd card back?really need help with that?plz

        • Since you are using custom firmware, you might want to consult your issue with the ROM chef. I did not face this issue with custom ROM that I tested.

  109. ROM chef?sorry bro but what is that or who is that?and what its got to do with my fone mounting sd card?can i total formate my sd card?or i will lose every thing or my fone will be brick after that?cz can not mount sd card in both recovery ways and really need help with that plz.and thanks for quick reply

  110. it says CF ROOT-SGS2_XX_XEO_LPQ-PROPER-V5.4-CWM5.tar.if that helps.and i got andriod version 4.0.3.baseband.I9100XXLPQ.KERNAL VERSION number IML74K.XXLPQ.

  111. ok kool.butt my problem is still there can not mount sd card in any recovery mode.i dont understand why is that.will total formating my sd card and install offical firmware will sort the issue?

      • thanks will have a go with that.sori for been a pain butt this goin worse day by i had to restart my fone for sum reason and as i told you have rooted it the way you showd and told you abot my firmware and that.but when i tryed to restart now my fone dont even restart its stuck at samsung logo.i took battery out and all that butt same thing stuck at samsung logo.i tryed to do recovery butt same problem can not mount sd card!what could be possibley wrong to me having this i hve to reinstall the firmware all the way again with odin and that.and now my fone is not rooted again.i really wat to root it again butt i guess will have the same problem with restarting coz it only hapend when its rooted?so plz suggest something with your experince what shuld i do?cz its getting worse and i really need help with all these issues plz

  112. Jayce, what does f.reset time do? I seen zedomax’s video on how to unroot and he did not check it but some people do.

  113. Hi Jayce

    I had upgraded the firmware to Malaysia firmware. There is one problem with the Chinese sms. When I send Chinese sms to other mobile phone such as iPhone, it only shows ???? on the iPhone. What went wrong? Do I need to do any other setting?

  114. Hello Jay sorry for keep asking question here, but im rally noob, can i install the 2.3.6 firmware to my dxkg 2.3.3 sgs2, i realized that even samware doesnt have the dxkg3 version of firmware. thanks for your help.

  115. My galaxy S2 is hanged on the logo screen while updating firmware, i hv done all wt i could, wts ur opinion how to reslove this problem??

  116. After installing ICS to my galaxy s2 i am only facing a problem on updating and dowloading apps from play google or android market pls help me out

  117. Hello Jayce,

    I want to get a stock kernel.and the kernel i have is “ sar@CLX#9”
    I’m getting confuse which stock kernel should i download because i want to unroot it. Kindly need your help on this matter.

  118. Initialzation..
    Get PIT for mapping..
    Firmware update start..
    NAND Write Start!!

    Complete(Write) operation failed.
    All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 1)

      • sir i have got the india firmware but all the time after fatorysys its fail it was previously hongkong firmware loaded now i am using odin options
        reboot ticked
        pda ticked and firmware selected
        and clicking the start buttom

  119. Initialzation..
    Get PIT for mapping..
    Firmware update start..
    NAND Write Start!!

    Complete(Write) operation failed.
    All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 1)

    complete write operation failed

  120. i made all steps till choosing the file on PDA
    now it is in setup connection status and stayed more than 15 minutes now without any progress


  122. done it finally used odin 1.83 used different.pit file used csc file used option repartition and freset one chance i done it sucessfully.
    all getting fail must do use odin v 1.83 one chance done without fail message thanks

  123. Hello jayce
    my android OS is using 95% battery on SGS2 …and my phone battery discharges very fast.
    its imported from uk and is used in india and i have mistakenly installed the indian firmware update of ICS, the previous firmware version was 2.3..the battery was running o.k…but after upgrading the battery life has reduced very much..
    pls commnet on this…help us..

  124. Hey Jayce, I tried flashing a new rom for my galaxy s2 to downgrade to GB 2.3.6

    However, something went wrong! My phone can be updated with the firmware from but I cannot seem to begin. It is stuck at the main page with the android figure and I cannot even begin. So basically my phone cannot be used.

  125. dear jayce,

    i still to difficult to get firmware I9100. every i see a web there has deleted all, i can’t downladed that firmware till now

  126. HI,
    I was trying to flash back to original ROM , and i downloaded the ROM from

    Seeing the pdf provided by them i ticked re-partition, auto reboot, and f.reset time, clicked on PIT and put the .pit file, also in the PDA option i selected the .md5 file
    after clicking on START, odin got stuck on zimage.
    Now no matter what i do, odin is not goin forward,
    my phone is going to download mode but nothing happens when i flash

    Please help

  127. hi bro im gigs, can i ask u somethin? why you dont click the ” PIT ” file? is it that ok bro?
    sorry just noob here ๐Ÿ™‚ can i update my update my phone just the way you do? Only ” pda” bro? thanx a bunch! :)) what is PIT file do any way? ^_^ ty

  128. hey jayce; i bought my galaxy s2 from dubai ; but i am unable to upgrade my firmware(via kies or the phone itself); the sales code is “xsg”. Could u pls. help. It’s currently running on 2.3.5; nd i want to upgrade it to ics

  129. Hi,

    Within 30 minutes, the new firmware was installed succesfully!
    This was done together with Odin3. Before, I try to upgrade with Kies!, but that was not a success story.

    Thanks a lot


  130. hi jaycee, my current android version is 4.03 XXLPH should i be able to install firmware 4.12 XWSLD using odin without causing any trouble cause im afraid i might get my phone bricked, or do i need other ways before i use odin? thanks. :))

  131. Hi Jayce Ooi

    i have korean s2 m250s and have converted it to gt-i9100 now i want to know can i flash Open Galaxy S2 Jelly Bean 4.1.2 XXLSJ on it ??

  132. yo jayce i wanted to know when i go to the factory reset mode on my s2 on odin theirs a place on the screen that says no but on ur video the the screen says yes why is that?

  133. Hi
    I have a GT-i9100 and have installed jellybean via kies a month ago. My phone froze last night so i took out the battery. now when I start the phone it’s in boot loop. i cannot get to recovery mode only download mode. any suggestions?

  134. help me my when i done this my s2 is stopped atthat turning on display” samsung galaxy s2 ” help me please

  135. hey bro…..plz hlp me…..m using samsung gt-s5380d….i wanna turn it in2 an android os…but m gettin a fake android firmware from many site….nd accrdng to its instructions which it tells to put in odin….i dinnot get those files aftr extratng from doz bladdy firmware….so plz tell me a site for installing nd downloading a real firmware of android for mah wave y……m frm india…..i wld b grtfull if u hlp me………thnx

  136. hi i have celkon A89 with android 2.3.6, recently i rooted and mistakenly uninstall lancher now phone is working for incomming,outgoing icons not showing.. shall i install android os 2.3.6, if yes please provide the software that is very useful for me..

    thanking you

  137. Hey can you give me a download link for the I9100ZSKG2 (hong kong version of the s2) to upgrade to Jelly bean 4.1.2 ?? I cant find it anywhere.

  138. i have a samsung gallaxy s2 i dont knw but it stopped working its showin this

    [IN RED]odin mode
    [WHITE]product namegt-i9100
    custom binary dowload yes 4 counts
    current binary custom

    no andriod sigh only showing

  139. i have a samsung gallaxy s2 gt i9100 i update lollipop 5.1.1 coustom rom and i lost my IMEI how i can recover my orignal IMEI pllzz help me…….

  140. Hi Ooi,

    I have Samsung Galaxy GT-B7510 and the wifi mac and bluetooth address is corrupted on it, due to this i have can’t turn of bluetooth and wifi on my mobile. please guide me, how to fix it?


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