How to recover 64GB exFAT micro SD card damaged by CyanogenMod ROM?

Err… CyanogenMod ROM damaged my 64GB exFAT SanDisk microSDXC Card again when I tried it on Samsung Galaxy S3. CyanogenMod ROM like CM9 or CM10 does not support SD card in exFAT file format. It can’t detect SD card at all. And when you restore back to Samsung firmware, micro SD card will be prompted as “Damaged SD card ~ SD card is damaged. Try reformatting it.” No worry, there is an easy way to fix this issue and recover your SD card back with all files and data intact…

Damaged SD card

How to recover 64GB exFAT micro SD card damaged by CyanogenMod ROM?

  1. Put your micro SD card in card reader.
  2. At PC, click on Window (Start) button.
  3. Search for CMD.
  4. Command Prompt should be loaded.
  5. Type chkdsk your_SD_card_drive /f then press enter.
  6. That’s all.

If everything goes smoothly, you should get the same result as below. Enjoy your SD card back…


  1. Thanks for this. Got my brand new 64GB microSDXC today and transferred all my stuff off my 16GB card and as soon as I put it in my phone it was damaged. Guess I will reformat it to FAT32 and hope for better results.

  2. I tried the same on my Kingston 16GB, but unfortunately, the micro sdcard is still registered as ‘Damaged SD Card’ on my HTC Desire, cyanogenmod 7. Yet, the card is recognisable on my Windows, which means it’s physically working.

    I previously created 2 partitions on this micro sd card for it the apps Link2SD, but had since formatted it to a single partition before I run the chkdsk /f command.

  3. My Platinum 64 GB SD card crash while saving files to an external hard drive. Windows 7 64 bit reported a “DOS error” in the process. II thought they had kicked out all DOS from Windows long back!
    A few files where saved. The large rest seems lost, as Windows 7 doesn’t recognize the SDXC card 64 GB from Platinum any more. Funnily, some computers running Windows 7 don’t realize the card at all, while one Windows 7 recognizes a removable strage, without type, nor size information.
    I tried many free SD and file repair programs available. They all use Windows for file access, which isn’t possible. The comand line “chkdsck G: /f” doesn’t work either. Only a low level dosk access could help. Before Windows supposedly replaced the DOS and BIOS level, low level programs as disk doctor and Norton utilities or low level disk access tools could help.

    Does anybody know a free low level disk access. for Windows 7 which could either repair the exFAT file system, or save selected missing files to a hard drive? Many many files are missing, it’s 64 GB and only part of it is already saved … Thanks.

  4. I’ve searched for recovery software, SD card or exFAT or file system. Yet I didn’t find anything from the SD card company PLATINUM yet. Lots of different searches and search patterns I tried.

    Do you have a link or name?


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