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Samsung Galaxy S5 Introduction Video

Getting a Samsung Galaxy S5? No? Maybe this Samsung Galaxy S5 introduction video can help you make a better decision. Discover all Galaxy S5 hardware specifications and features. I knew most of the features except this one – Download Booster that bond Wi-Fi and LTE simultaneously to maximize data speeds for even faster connection. Not sure that this is a hardware mod or software. Hopefully, it’s software so that I can enjoy it on my Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3 too.

Know more about Samsung Galaxy S5 with its Experience App

I won’t be getting Samsung Galaxy S5 this round. But does Galaxy S5 Experience App able to change my mind? It is an interactive application that let you know more about Galaxy S5 and wearable devices (Galaxy Gear 2 and Galaxy Gear Fit) features. From Galaxy S5 camera features likes HDR, Fast Auto & Selective Focus to speed enhancement like Wi-Fi MIMO & Download Booster. Fitness features like Pedometer, Exercise and Heart Rate Monitor.

Galaxy S5 Experience App


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