Ugreen 10 in 1 USB-C Multifunction Adapter Review – 3 USB 3.0, LAN, VGA, 4K HDMI, AUX, PD Charging, SD & microSD!

Hello everyone, check out my latest Ugreen 10 in 1 USB-C Multifunction Adapter. Yes, CM179 is loaded with a lot of stuff such as 4K HDMI, high-speed USB 3.0, fast charging and stereo sound. As you can see, here are all the technical specifications. Feel free to go through it. In short, one hub to rule them all. And it supports multiple operating systems too…

In short, it is great for both home and office. And travel too thanks to compact in size. Ugreen – a reliable brand that you can trust. Do get yours at Amazon or Lazada.


  1. Hi!
    Was wondering if you would be able to test something out?
    Is it possible to run 3 independent displays out from this hub? Meaning the laptop plus 2 external monitors.
    Or will it end up being 2 independent displays with one external monitor mirroring the laptop?


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