MINIX NEO Storage Plus Review – Perfect Companion for Your Laptop!

Hey guys, meet the world’s first portable storage hub that combines SSD storage with additional data + display output ports. Yes, MINIX NEO Storage Plus is the star. It includes a built-in 480GB SSD (NEO SG4) or 960GB SSD (NEO SG9), Gigabit Ethernet, HDMI (4K @ 60Hz), 2 x USB 3.0 and USB-C (Power Delivery only) in a compact, aluminium hub. Multi OS support, including macOS, iPadOS and Windows 10 OS. Sound great? Read on to find out…

Special Thanks
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  • MINIX for this MINIX NEO Storage Plus Multiport SSD Storage Hub with Gigabit Ethernet + 4K @ 60Hz HDMI (NEO SG4)
  • Transcend for 960GB Transcend ESD250C Portable SSD

Package Content & Design
MINIX NEO Storage Plus comes in simple packaging as above. Once taken out the hub, there are detectable USB-C cable, pouch with multiple small pockets and quick start guide in both English and Deutsch.

Excellent build quality with brushed aluminium housing. Light in weight and compact in size that eases to carry around during travel. Available in 2 colours – Space Gray and Silver. And 2 sizes too – 480GB SSD (NEO SG4) or 960GB SSD (NEO SG9). Just pick the one that you prefer will do.

There are 2 USB 3.0 ports, USB-C port (for power input only) and HDMI output on one side. Blank for the other one.

On the long side, there is USB-C port to connect USB-C cable to laptop. Gigabit Ethernet at end of the body.

Yes, there is white LED light indicator on the top of the body. And 4 anti-skip pads at the bottom. As usual, some inputs and outputs details are there. Lastly, do refer to all the photos for its outlook and design.

Performance Result
Excellent transfer rate! Yes, the built-in SSD is fast. I am getting up to 450 MB/s for both read and write CrystalDiskMark Benchmark. 960GB Transcend ESD250C Portable SSD is being used for USB 3.0 port test. Yes, it is getting the same result with 450 MB/s for both read and write as well. In short, they are fast.

Below is the IOPS performance for those who are interested.

Yes, NEO Storage Plus has constant transfer rate thanks to large cache buffer and fast controller. Rest assures that you are getting the best out of it even transferring those extra large files. Note – 65GB file is being used here.

As for LAN performance, it is perfect! Yes, it is getting 940 Mbits/s based on iPerf3 test. That’s the maximum speed that my devices can reach. A must-have feature as most of the ultrabook does not have Ethernet port loaded nowadays. Perfect for streaming movies and online gaming.

4K @ 60Hz is supported! Enjoy 3 displays at the same time. One on laptop built-in screen, another through laptop HDMI port and last one through NEO Storage Plus. Well, you need to have extra 2 monitors then. Perfect for those who need to multi-task a lot. Lastly, you can also charge your mobile devices through the USB-C port.

Overall, MINIX NEO Storage Plus is a excellent addition to your mobile devices. The built-in SSD is great as you don’t need to carry another flash drive with you. And it is the easiest way to add more storage on your laptop. By the way, did I mention that no driver installation is needed? Yes, just plug and play will do. It supports macOS, iPadOS, Windows 10 and even Android OS. As long as your devices have full-featured USB-C port, you are good to go. For example, Samsung DeX is supported on Galaxy Note series. By the way, it comes with worry-free 3-Year warranty. That’s great!


  • Built-in fast performing SSD
  • Multiple platform support
  • 4K HDMI @ 60Hz
  • Fast transfer rate
  • Excellent build quality
  • 3-Year warranty
  • Compact & lightweight


  • None from me

Perfect companion for your laptop! Period. Turn your laptop into a workstation at home office easily with MINIX NEO Storage Plus. Just connect one USB-C cable will do. You can access to keyboard, mouse, extra storage, monitor and LAN connection then. And charge the laptop as well. Wait no more and get yours at Amazon or Lazada.


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