Yes. I have been playing Street Fighter IV lately. However, I failed to unlock Gouken and Akuma. I have no problem to unlock Sakura, Dan, Cammy, Fei Long, Gen and Rose though. I searched lot of places. Some websites give me the wrong information and some did a great job. Yes… I unlocked Gouken and Akuma already. Looking forward to unlock the last one ~ Seth. ;)

To make the unlock faster and easier. Set the game setting to easiest and 1 round match. And don’t lose in any match and don’t continue. Akuma or Gouken will show up after you beat Seth.

How to Unlock Akuma?
- Get 1 perfect round or more.

How to Unlock Gouken?
- Get 1 Perfect round or more.
- Get 3 Ultra Combo Finishes or more.
- Get 5 First Attacks or more.

I unlocked Sakura, Dan, Cammy, Fei Long, Gen and Rose before unlock Akuma and Gouken. So if you cannot unlock Akuma and Gouken, try to unlock below characters first.

Cammy ~ Finish arcade mode with Crimson Viper.
Dan ~ Finish arcade mode with Sakura.
Fei Long ~ Finish arcade mode with Abel.
Gen ~ Finish arcade mode with Chun-Li.
Rose ~ Finish arcade mode with M.Bison.
Sakura ~ Finish arcade mode with Ryu.

Finally… The final boss ~ Seth. Finish arcade with all the other characters

Enjoy playing Street Fighter IV!

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