Samsung Galaxy Lifestyle Rewards for Galaxy Note 3

Got yourself a new Samsung Galaxy Note 3? Samsung Malaysia has more goodies for you then. Yes, you can get freebies and rewards from Samsung Galaxy Lifestyle application. Not sure these offers apply to other country or not because the application does not come pre-installed. No harm to try it if you are not from Malaysia. What are the promotions? Free music with Galaxy Music and 6 Korean dramas from Viki in Entertainment section. Free TM WiFi access for 90 days for Connectivity. Free 50GB Dropbox like other Galaxy Devices and Evernote Premium Services for 12 months at Productivity. 1 month free subscription from SPH Magazines and 20% off eBooks from MPH Online in Reading & learning. And 3 coming soon categories like Smart Living, Sports & Games and Shopping…

Samsung Galaxy Lifestyle


Hopefully, there are more free software and games coming soon. Get your Samsung Galaxy Lifestyle app here.

  • raaman

    Jayce… this awesome…. thanks alot.

  • Chia

    Hi Jayce,

    I always get Error after click redeem and answer the mathematic questions : “Please sign up or login in order to get this cool goody”
    May I know what to login ?


    • Hi Chia, you need to register first (at top left).

      • Chia

        HI Jayce, thank you.

        Another question :
        For DropBox 50GB redeem, I already have existing account, when I click redeem it direct me to Google Play to download the App ( But I already have it )
        I open the DropBox app, it still with old storage capacity I have.

        How to get the 50GB extra ? Thanks

        • Just sign in the built-in Dropbox app will do. You should get extra 48GB then.