Cosmo Pro Air Purifier Review – The Most Advanced Air Purifier in Malaysia?

Meet Cosmo Pro – the most advanced air purifier in Malaysia! Yes, it comes with a revolutionary 5-in-1 HEPA filter and an AI-powered PM2.5 Sensor. Its 360° filtering power is second to none. Up to 100m² coverage area. In addition, it has a very quiet fan noise level of 20dB only. Comes with 5 years warranty. Perform well? Let’s find out…

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Package Content & Design
Everything comes well protected in a large package. There are instruction manuals, power cord with UK plug and Cosmo Pro itself. That’s all.

Be sure to go through the useful instruction manual. It will guide you to install and use the mobile application. Know more about Cosmo Pro itself.

This is the power cord with UK plug with around 2m in length.

Alright, this is Cosmo Pro Air Purifier. It is tall and round in shape. Build quality is excellent with sturdy ABS plastic housing. Dimensions (WxLxH) are 290 x 290 x 577mm. Weight at 7.5kg. A large one as you can see.

The top part is loaded with control buttons and digital display. It is also the outlet with fresh air.

Here is the closer look of the back. 60W total power usage.

Just a simple pull. You can take out the rear shell. The 5-in-1 HEPA filter is already pre-installed. Be sure to remove the plastic bag from the new filter before use. Then installing everything back will do.

This is where AI-powered PM2.5 Sensor is located. It detects air quality and controls the fan speed.

Here is the air intake. There is UVC disinfection module in the middle. It helps to kill bacteria and viruses.

Lastly, here are all the round ant-skid pads at the bottom. They help to provide grip to Cosmo Pro. That’s all for the hardware tour.

You can start to use Cosmo Pro directly without installing any software. Yes, just use the control panel to do so will do. Set timer, control fan speed, turn on UVC lamp and so on. However, you are not getting the most out of it then. More useful features will be unlocked once Cosmo Pro is connected to the Internet.

Tuya Smart is the application that you need. Available on both Android and iOS. Access it anywhere, anytime… More stuff is available there too. You can set automation if when needed too. For example, turn on Cosmo Pro every morning at 7am. Set fan speed at maximum during lunchtime when everybody is out. And so on…

Performance Result
Set it and forget. Cosmo Pro will clean the air for you automatically. 3 LED light colours based on different air quality. Fan speed will be adjusted based on it too. Blue is the best air quality with the lowest fan speed. Green is the middle speed. And red has the fastest fan speed. Also the loudest and most noticeable. Based on specs, it can cover every corner of your home of up to 100m², at a CADR rate of 600m³/h. FYI, you won’t hear fan noise at all during normal operation.

Cosmo’s aerodynamic design allows for 360° air purification even in areas with poor ventilation or air flow. And it works great with their 5-in-1 HEPA Filter. That’s their highest performing filtration that is proven to filter air pollutants like pollen, dust, bacteria, tobacco smoke and even COVID-19.

Here are the pre-filter, Cosmo Anti-Bac Shield and H13+ medical-grade HEPA filter. The Pre-filter is designed to sieve out the largest particles first including hair, dust, lint and fur. Anti-Bac Shield filter specifically suppresses the growth of bacteria by using anti-bacterial technology to provide the most effective filtration. HEPA filter is able to capture almost any size of air pollutant.

This is the activated carbon filter. They are made from small pieces of charcoal. They help to neutralise odours in the air and absorb formaldehyde. The last one – photocatalyst filter (UVC) uses light energy to kick-start a process that turns all kinds of bad air pollutants into harmless substances. Germs, viruses and bacteria are broken down by the electrostatic and oxidisation effects of the electrons generated from the photocatalyst filter, keeping your home healthy and safe.


  • Cleaner & fresher air 24/7
  • Ionizer & UVC disinfection
  • Up to 100m² coverage area
  • 5 phases filtration system
  • Easy installation
  • Remote access anywhere, anytime


  • Noticeable noise on maximum fan speed

Enjoy cleaner and fresher air with Cosmo Pro Air Purifier 24/7. It’s your smart protection against viruses too. All thanks to 5 phases filtration system. Don’t forget the useful ionizer and UVC disinfection too. Perfect for both home and office. Wait no more, protect yourself and your love ones now. Get Cosmo Pro at Cosmo Website.


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