Download MIUI Frois-02 Theme

Yes, the best Sci-Fi theme of all ~ MIUI Frois-02 Theme. I love it. Being a techie, I like to review latest IT gadget. MIUI Frois-02 Theme is the one for me. And it can be yours too.

MIUI Frois-02 Theme

To install ~ copy file to SD Card\MIUI\Theme folder. Then select it with Theme Manager. Reboot to Windows Mobile then back to android. Enjoy…

Download MIUI Frois-02 Theme here.


  1. I love this theme, but how come i can’t get my icons to look the same as those? thats what i really want. any help would be greatly appreciated. thank you.

  2. why the hell boot to windows mobile when u’re using an android device? i really don’t get it.. tried renaming it to mtz like others say, but it doesn’t work :[


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