Download official Samsung Galaxy Note 2 firmware

Where to download official Samsung Galaxy Note II firmware? Yes, upgrade official Samsung Galaxy Note 2 firmware is no longer limited by using OTA software update and Samsung Kies. You can install official firmware on Samsung Galaxy Note 2 manually with Odin software. Of course, this is the unofficial way. But you can upgrade or downgrade official firmware anytime you want. And have the ability to try out other region firmware too.

Official Samsung Galaxy Note 2 firmware
Official Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Firmware

Samsung has lot of firmware for its Android devices. They are separated based on region. And carrier branded one too. However, most of the features are the same among all. Just the matter of time when you get it. Usually, Europe region will get the latest official firmware first. Then to the rest of the world like Asia, US… Therefore, you can try out Europe firmware if you want to stay ahead of others.

Download official Samsung Galaxy Note 2 firmware here or here.


  1. Hi Mr Jayce,
    I got a ATT samsung note 2 last week,which i unloked to use it with other carriers.It was working just fine since this morning.It is not recognizing the sim or network and will not reset itself from the menu.It is not showing Baseband version values or IMEI on screen.Is there any solution for this?I will appreciate your inputs.

  2. i downloaded triangle away on my phone,but there is a message saying”superauser access is needed,but could not be acquired.Are you rooted and did you give permission”.What does that means?And same message is coming on the mobile ODIN i downloaded.

  3. Just to mention it is showing SAFE MODE at the bottom left hand side.I unlocked it by using an online tutorial,i guess by entering *#197………something and UTMS option.Do you think i have put the phone in safe mode by mistake and thats why it is not responding?how can i come out of that.thx

      • If you unlocked the phone through the special menu UMTS>Debuug Screen>etc. and you switched off the Perso Sha256 you need to turn it back on after unlocking so that it will not continue to go to into safe mode. The perso sha256, i think, controls something to do with device security and encryption and with it turned off it forces the device into safe mode as a failsafe to prevent damage to the system. If you read this hope it helps.


  4. hi mr jayce. how can i upgrade my note 2 android 4.1.1 to 4.4 kitkat? i’ve downloaded odin3 v3.04 but i dont know how to do it.

  5. Hi Jayce!
    I accidentally deleted my default ROM before installing Ditto Note 4.
    Do you think that with the method you explained in this video I will be able to get my default ROM back?

  6. i just updated stock rom from custom on my note 2 ..followed the instructions from here
    now my phone isnt starting .i am getting a samsung logo and then its done.. it keeps showing that logo for hours but dosent start. please reply to this mail ASAP ..pleaseee

  7. may be I am not in right place … I have Note I. with problem of shortage of memory and see it is known problem, but I see no simple solution

  8. hai jayce, i need your help on my galaxy note 2 pable, i never instal any custom room, but now my phone allready stok on boot loop, and when I go to recovery mode, by pressing Volume UP + Power + Home Button, I got so many failed warning with red letter on my screen, then I try to wipe data/dactory reset it’s still came with failed warning with red letter, I all so allready try to flash my phone with odin buth it still dosn’t work, please help me how to resolve my problem

  9. Hi Jayce..I wan to unlock my kyocera c6730, when I put in on it shows me ” sim perso locked” please help me to unlock this android .. emei :9000420405946

  10. hi mr jayceooi I accidentally delete ui in samsung note 2 gtn 7105 background become black and cannot see any notification.what can I do.the phone already rooted


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