Download PSS TV for iPhone and iPad

PPS 影音 is one of my favorite online streaming video player which use P2P technology on PC. You can watch lot of popular Japanese, Taiwan, China and Hong Kong TV series and movie from around the world. And it is available on iOS platform ~ iPhone and iPad for free now. It is better than PC version because I can watch Hong Kong TV series (blocked based on IP) with PPS iPad version. Furthermore, I can select year category in movie and TV series which I cannot do so in PC version. And region category selection in movie.

PSS TV for iPad

Connection speed is very important on online video streaming player. And PPS TV on iPad is working smoothly. No lag at all. Try it out yourself. And you will love it. Hehe… I am writing this post while watching Japanese TV series with iPad now.

Download PSS TV for iPhone and iPad here.


  1. Hi,

    I have PPS on my IPAD, but it doesnt lt me log in now,,, get a message that the login session is overdue.
    however I try to log in again, it doest work.
    i have unstalling and installing again, but nothing works 🙁
    what shall I do to have the fantastic PPS on my IPAD again???


  2. unable to watch hong kong movie by using PPS TV with ipad2 but i check with my friend that they able to watch hong kong movie with ipad. any solution on it?

  3. I have pps on my iPhone and iPad but recently I am not able to search for any new hong kong series. They only have about 15 different old series on there. Do you know of another app that I can stream for hk tv series on my iPhone?

  4. I have downloaded two movies from PPS.TV app on iPad to iPad. I don’t know where the two movies are stored in the iPad and how to retrieve them..

    (1) How do I retrieve these two movie files from my iPad?
    (2) How can I delete these two files from my iPad?

      • 1) there is a ICON looks like ARROW DOWN (under STAR favourite) menu LEFT hand side. Then, there is two sub-menu “still downing” & “already downloaded”. Click on the 2nd “already downloaded”, then choose the file you like to view.

        2) After watched the file, and would like to delete, just “SWIPE” itself file (as like first question), then IPAD will show “DELETE” command. Then, press this “DELETE”.

        Hope my explanation clear. Thanks.

  5. I have problems using pps after using the search…I searched for some videos name and it kept on loading,so I exited,but the next time I went in,it cannot load the front page,it just keep on loading and loading… Anyone can help?

  6. 1) I hv updated my pps onto iPad. With the updated ver, the whole outlook is different. I can’t see the tv, movie ,etc icons at the bottom of the page anymore. Why?

    2) when I search for a drama, the title appear in the list of search but no search results. Why?

  7. hello need to get pps fixing not working at all on my iphone 4,i unstall the apps and install pps the apps back on and still no pictures coming out can’t see most of the movies too what is going on with it it was working fine last week but this week nothing


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