Download Samsung Galaxy Note 2 User Manual

You may already get Samsung Galaxy Note II on your hands. But mine should arrive next week. So without further ado, I downloaded Samsung Galaxy Note 2 User Manual and started to learn more it. Most of the Android parts should be the same as other Android 4.1 Jelly Bean devices. However, Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has unique features like S Pen. Therefore, be sure to take some time to study all the special features from the user manual…

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 User Manual

Download Samsung Note 2 User Manual here.


  1. good day to you jayce. I have rooted my note 2 as you have adviced using this site SU was installed. I am just wondering, unlike my galaxy s2, my note 2 does not show the yellow triangle upon starting my phone. did i do something wrong? I have managed to use app quarantine which require rooted phones so i believe i have rooted the phone correctly.

    Secondly, I bought a 32 gb class 10 san disk micro sd. I have tried app2sd and droidsail to move my apps to my sd card. However, I can’t move them. I have read that it might not support this function? if so, what can I do or install to move my apps to my external sd?

    thanks jayce

  2. how do i down load writting in chinese,and how to store email as my email disappear upon reading in my samsung galaxy note 2.appreciate you help .
    michael ten

  3. “sim memory full. Delete some items” i have been receiving this message on my samsung galaxy note 2. I have deleted all messages yet i keep getting this message. How do i solve this

  4. Too many contacts in phone. I would like to a ‘global’ delete of all contacts, from all sources that have ‘supplied’ these to my Note 2

  5. hii….. pkease tell me about rooting… what does it do…. ?? and what is yellow triangle. .???
    I have note 2… does rooting it is good for me..?????

  6. file size ho hd rom…?? I have downloaded during downloading it shows abut 914 mb… but when it finisshed it shows 7 M.B only… does my download was corrupted. ..???

  7. I noticed this: my ear piece is plugged in, the phone rings and the sound does not come through my ear piece but via the phone. This means everyone can hear my phone ring. Is there a way to set this up?


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