GPS BAY G73 Review

Which route should I take? Left or right? Come on. Help me look at the maps.” Do you still using paper maps as your navigation guide? If yes, you are out of date already. Global Positioning System (GPS) navigation system is the new gadget that you should have. GPS is a very useful tool that provides reliable location. With its frequent updated maps, you will hardly lost again. And I have one GPS model to introduce ~ GPS BAY G73.


GPS BAY G73 Features

  • Genuine MapKing Landmark Software with 3D junction view & 3D building view.
  • Multimedia player capabilities: photo browsing, MP3, MP4 and video playback, E-book and FM transmission.
  • User friendly interface with tri-language support : English / Chinese / Malay
  • High-quality reception and accurate navigations
  • Built-in high memory capacity.
  • Certified by CE, FCC and SIRIM.

GPS BAY G73 Specifications

  • Size(in mm) – 115.90(L) * 74.90(W) * 12.40(H) mm
  • Processor – ARM11 500MHZ with built-in NAND flash 4G & Memory 128M SDRAM
  • External Memory – 2GB Micro SD memory card (included)
  • GPS Chipset – SiRF Atlas-IV
  • Screen size – 4.3 inch TFT high resolution screen
  • Screen resolution – 480 * 272 pixels
  • Battery lasting time – 1 1/2 hours ++ (working), 120 hours (stand-by)

Package Contents
GPS BAY G73 comes in a simple white box with GPS BAY nice tag line ~ All you need to do is DRIVE. There are 4.3″ GPS Navigating Device with 2GB micro SD card, car mount holder, USB cable, in-car charger and quick user guide manual in the package. It has MapKing Peninsular Malaysia & Singapore Map and Malsing Peninsular & East Malaysia & Singapore Map loaded in its SD card.

All you need to do is DRIVE
Package Contents


GPS BAY G73 front view
GPS BAY G73 back view

Besides being a GPS, GPS BAY G73 is a portable media center. It provides photo browsing, MP3, MP4, video playback and e-book viewing. Let’s check out some of the media features ~ music, video, photo, e-book and Flash playback. With its FM transmission, you can link it to your car FM radio and having sound output from your car sound system. And turns GPS BAY G73 into your in-car entertainment system.

And some nice games for you…

Performance Results
Here are some technical details for GPS BAY G73. Based on several testings, it took around 26 seconds to reach the main page after turn it on. And 10 seconds to load MapKing GPS module. It is able to lock satellite signal instantly when turn it back on the same place as you turned off it. And around 35 seconds to lock satellite signal on a new place. The battery last for 1 hour and 10 minutes on GPS navigation. Prompt you to charge it on the last 15 minutes battery life. It is not an issue with in-car charger which most of us use it when driving. But might be an issue for pedestrian who travel by walking. Pedestrian might face another issue ~ LCD screen visibility. The LCD screen is not so visible under direct sunlight. And it has poor viewing angle from bottom. But not an issue during in car driving though.

GPS BAY G73 has fast responses due to ultra high speed dual-core 500MHZ ARM11 CPU. Navigation instructions are load and clear. And MapKing Landmark Software with 3D junction view and 3D building view are also nice features to have. Check out below video to see GPS BAY G73 navigation in action.

3D junction in action…

3D building in action…

GPS BAY G73 is a nice GPS navigation system to be in your car. The response is fast and provides MapKing Landmark Software with 3D junction and 3D building views. Easily turns into in-car entertainment with FM transmission. Most of all, it does its job well ~ provide accurate navigation.

Need more information? Download GPS BAY G73 PDF flyer here. Or visit GPS BAY eStore to get it. Purchase it at RM599 (normal price RM999) with this discount code ~ ‘GPSB73‘. Grab it now and never lost on the road again…


      • Okay. Now it works. Just plug in the in-car-charger does solved the issue. I tried without the charger but seems like have not enough power to transmitted the data.

        BTW. What video format have you tested? FLV, MP4, WMV, AVI, MPG, etc? I tried all FLV, MP4, WMV, AVI, MPG but MP4 and FLV failed with error (MP4.exe forced to shutdown), WMV and AVI frame is slow – sometime no picture or sound. MPG run for few seconds then auto load and run next file. I used HD format video. Not sure if this is the root cause. Wonder which you tried on above review. Just to double confirm.

        Also, did you tested the Flash player? What file to play? swf? Loaded FLV but it doesn’t detected by the player but the Video player did.

        • Yaya… In-car-charger is needed in order to make FM transmission to work.

          My review unit was returned to GPS BAY. I forgot what exact format did I test. But it is not HD format as the CPU does not have enough power to process it.

          Please consult GPS BAY support directly for the issue. Thanks. 🙂

  1. pls help me by answering these questions

    1. is there a monthly fee to pay when using GPS ?
    2. if there is a monthly fee, how much is it ?
    3. GPS device that meant for road maps such as the unit reviewed, can it be use for outdoor (jungle trekking, hiking etc.)


  2. Please let me know the following:-

    1) How much per unit GPS BAY G73?

    2) How to upgrade map? How is the charges like?

    3) Is monthly fee require to use GPS?

    4) Is GPS BAY G73 got walking distance map?

    5) EON Bank (now Hong Leong Bank) credit card user got special discount?

    6) Where shall I buy GPS BAY G73, direct to your Fraser Park office? What is your office hour?

    Thank you very much for your prompt reply.


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