How to run Android apps & games on Windows 8 Surface Pro?

Running Android applications and games on Windows 8 with mouse is no fun at all. However, latest Windows 8 tablet with touchscreen like Surface Pro is another story totally. And BlueStacks released updated version of BlueStacks App Player that optimized for Windows 8 tablet and notebook with touchscreen. Personally, I don’t have any Windows 8 tablet yet. So can’t test it myself but you might. Try it out and let me know the result.

Android apps & games on Windows 8

Android in Windows is not new. And running Windows applications and games in Android is the challenge because Android ARM processor is not as powerful as Intel PC. Android in Chrome OS should be workable because they are using almost the same ARM technology. Hopefully, we can run all the platform software in one hardware very soon.

Download BlueStacks for Windows 8 here.



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