Market Enabler ~ Access other country & carrier Android Market

MarketEnabler was a must installed Android application for me. However, it failed to work when new Android Market came out. Luckily, Market Enabler from For2w continues to support and work on new Android Market. What is Market Enabler? It lets you access apps in Android Market that not available in your region or carrier specific. Note – root access is required.

Market Enabler

DoCoMo Japan Android Market

Market Enabler not only works on Android Market. It is working perfectly on Samsung Apps which depend on region too. So what are you waiting for? Try Market Enabler now and never miss any new Android application anymore…

Download Market Enabler here.


  1. Can you please put a link to download it from outside the market, cause Android market don’t open in my country.

  2. morning jayce,

    any way for us to access and install google music on malaysian S2? tried faking t-mobile then searching for google music. didn’t come out in the search result:(

    Thanks in advance.

  3. Hi. I tried the application, it asks me to get root permissions first. How do I do that?
    The exact message is “Can’t get Root Permissions! pls get it first.”

  4. Hi. I just download the app and same error as above. How to I root my phone to get permission? my device is an s2 HD LTE from korea

  5. hi jayce,
    market enabler seems to be removed already from google play
    what is the prescribed method now to install apps from different country?

  6. hi, I just wanna ask someyhing abot my samsung s3, i wanted to move the apps to my sd so that I can still use the phone memory for more important apps, but the problem is, it keeps on displaying the message ‘the sd card is emulated’ what does that mean? i cannot store some of my apps to my sd card, all of the apps and games are in the phone memory..a little help? thanks so much…

  7. My phone model is samsung galaxy core
    Plz help me to root my handset
    It says Can’t get root permission! Please get it first. :/

  8. hey i have the lastest version of market enabler on my galaxy s3 and i want to change the region to japan but its not listed or idk how ive tried the custom way and it doesnt work
    help would be appreciated


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