Neffos C5 Camera Functions, Photo & Video Samples

TP-LINK Neffos C5 is equipped with a rear 8MP camera and wide-angle 5MP camera at front. And there is rear-facing dual LED flash to help capture photo at night too. In addition, several modes like intelligent, normal, scenery, food, beauty, HDR and panorama for you to take different type of photos. Furthermore, up to 30 different filters to bring the creativity out of you. How do they perform? Let’s the photos and video tell you then. And learn all features and functions together too…

Neffos C5 Camera UI

This is Neffos C5 camera application user interface. Easy and simple to use. Just swipe from left corner of the screen to bring out settings. And there are lot of artistic filters (like above screenshot) to play with. One thing that I found out – there is no option to put photo and video in external SD card there. After playing for a while, I discovered that it is located at Settings – Storage. Not a big deal but should have placed at camera settings to ease users.

Scenery Mode

The Intelligent Mode will automatically adjust contrast, colour and lighting for 8 different scenes including Human, Scenery, Night, Plant, Perform and more. For your information, above photo was taken with Scenery Mode.

Delicious Food Mode

There is lot of filters in each of the modes. Food Mode has them too. Just try all of them to get your best shot and make your food looks even tastier & delicious.

Beauty Mode
Groupfie with front camera

Beauty Mode is available on both front and rear camera. Girls will love this feature as it can make your skin fairer, eyes bigger and slimmer face. You can adjust the beauty level from 0 to 5 after took the shot. Or edit it afterward with built-in Photo Editor later.

HDR Mode

HDR (High-dynamic-range) Mode allows you to take more detailed images for low-light and highly contrasting scenes.


Panorama Mode allows you to take photos composed of many photos strung together. The best way to take landscape. Too bad that Neffos C5 camera app’s panorama mode creates a quite small size photo.

Macro mode

Smartphone’s macro mode is fun. You can take shots from just a few centimeters away. Enjoy nice bokeh effect just like SLR camera. Neffos C5 camera surely can take beautiful macro photos.

Night mode

Hmm… Night shot is not the best for Neffos C5 camera. You still able to take photo during night but don’t expect getting the same quality as daylight photo.

Flash shot

Neffos C5 dual LED flash really helps when there is a need to take shot at low light environment. Flash is well in control even taking shot close to you. Yup, no harsh photo here. In addition, there are other features as well like enable time stamp to your photos, captures photo when you smile or with “V” gesture and set a timer to delay shooting.

Video Performance
Alright, let’s have a look on the video quality now. By the way, rear camera support up to 1080p video while front one with 480p only.

That’s it. Enjoy the rest of the photo samples…










That’s it for now. Actual size photos can be found at Dropbox here.

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  1. Great expose Jayce,
    I saw your review from Cancun, Mexico and it convinced me to buy the Neffos C5 because I don’t need such a great camera, just something enough to record memorable moments once in a while. As a matter of fact, I have had the phone around a week (on sale at a great price–a little over $100 usd) and had not fully tested the camera under all circumstances.
    However, last night I attended a family birthday which would be the first time I used the flash (under poorly lit circumstances). To my surprise, as compared to your samples, mine were moderately to heavily washed out using the flash. I am not complaining of daylight takes, just the ones that required flash.
    I tried, auto-flash, flash and no-flash. The better ones were with no flash although faces, if not lit by the poor lighting, turned out almost black. On the other hand, photos w/flash could be so washed out that it was hard to distinguish the features of the person. The flash seems to always work on full illumination/strength, no matter it there were some light or no light at all so I was wondering if the flash control chip could be faulty or damaged.
    I have never made a claim on a camera just because of the flash but it is sad that photos would come out so bad.
    Comments appreciated.


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