Neffos C5 Hardware Tour

Neffos C5 is a smartphone with solid build even it is made mostly out of plastic. And it looks stylish too thanks to the sliver ring in front of the display and the tiny sparkle particles at bottom of the phone. Furthermore, it fit comfortably on my palm thanks to ergonomic curved design. Buttons like volume up, down and power are easy to reach with single-hand operation. The 5″ display is sharp and colourful for a HD screen. And it is bright enough to use it outdoor under the sun. By the way, there is no physical navigation buttons but on-screen ones. No worry about broken home button here, right? In addition, you can replace battery once back matte cover is removed. A nice feature for heavy user as you don’t need to carry power bank with you all the time. How does TP-LINK very first smartphone Neffos C5 look like? I will let the pictures do the talking now…

Sharp and colorful 5″ HD IPS screen

5 MP front camera, earpiece & light sensor
Headset jack & noise-cancelling microphone
8 MP camera & dual LED flash
Circle textured volume & power buttons
TP-LINK logo, micro USB port & microphone
Removable battery, dual micro SIM & microSD slots
Speaker at the bottom right

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