Samsung Galaxy Note 2 in the house

Yeah… Samsung Galaxy Note II is the latest gadget at I managed to grab Samsung Galaxy Note 2 at Celcom Outlet @ Bangunan KWSP, Penang. Well, I was 20+th of the first 50 customers when I arrived at Celcom Branch, Penang on 11:35am. Therefore, I got free Samsung Galaxy Note 2 flip casing and RM 40 KFC vouchers. Too bad that the flip case is not the original Samsung flip case but generic local brand ~ Sun-U Verus. Don’t think it worth RM 149 and have to wait for 2 weeks to collect it (no ready stock there).

Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is the largest phone that I own – really huge. Samsung Galaxy S3 looks small next to it. Not to mention the latest iPhone 5. Wow… The 5.5″ HD Super AMOLED screen looks great (no PenTile here). Perfect for watching movie, playing games… Can’t wait to explore more of it.

As usual, I will start to post tips, tweaks, guides and hacks about Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Be sure to stay with me. Learn and enhance Samsung Galaxy Note 2 together…