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128GB Transcend MTS400 M.2 SSD Review

Hey guys, check out my very first M.2 Solid State Drive. Yup, 128GB Transcend MTS400 M.2 SSD is the star today. Its space-saving M.2 form factor (42mm) is ideal for mobile computing devices. And great for PC building perspective as it doesn’t require separate data and power cables that essentially eliminates cable management. Supports DevSleep mode, S.M.A.R.T., TRIM and NCQ commands too. Sound great? Let’s find out…

Xiaomi Portable Mouse Review

Looking for a wireless mouse that work on Windows, Mac OS and Android for travel? Check out Xiaomi Portable Mouse that I got from GearBest. It is a mini mouse that loaded with dual wireless connectivity – Bluetooth 4.0 and RF 2.4GHz through USB receiver. Perfect companion for laptop, tablet and even smartphone on the go, right? Let’s this review tells you then…

Lite-On S900 SSD 256GB Review

Solid state drive (SSD) is much powerful and faster than normal HDD. And it is getting cheaper each day. There is no more reason not to use it on desktop PC. Of course, it is still expensive to use it as large file archive storage. However, it will perform far better as operating system drive because its file access latency is much smaller. Lite-On S900 SSD 256GB (SCS-256L9S) is the star today. It is Lite-On latest consumer SSD which similar to L9S Series – LCS-256L9S (client product for OEM notebook). And its specifications are very similar to Plextor M6S SDD as well. How does LiteOn S900 SSD 256GB perform? Let’s find out…

HP Compaq Presario C749TU Notebook PC first impression

Yeah… My HP Compaq Presario C749TU Notebook PC finally arrived yesterday. It is a value notebook PC which cost about RM799 + RM150 (delivery and processing charges) == RM949 in total. I mentioned its specification at Shell Citibank Credit Card – HP Compaq Presario PC700 Notebook Specifications post. Find out the specification there.

Red Compaq box from Singapore

HP Compaq Presario C778TU Notebook PC wireless button red light always on issue fixed

Thanks to jacklyh for the solution. Many thanks. πŸ™‚

Here is the solution for HP Compaq Presario C778TU Notebook PC wireless button light is always red in colour issue.

Just follow below steps:


VOLTME Revo 140 Review – Ultra-fast PD3.1 & QC5 GaN III...

Introduction 140W Power Delivery 3.1 for ultra-fast charging! Up to 3X more efficiency, 40% energy saving yet 20% smaller in size. All thanks to the...


Meet Synology BC500 and TC500 – The versatile all-weather bullet and...

Synology is excited to announce the release of the BC500 and TC500, versatile all-weather bullet and turret cameras for smart surveillance. The Synology BC500...