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Download CM7 Anastasdroid Theme

Are you a fan of Dinik’s Anastasia? If yes, CM7 Anastasdroid Theme is the one for you in Android world. It is a work-in-progress theme. So be sure to check back in the future for the coming releases.

CM7 Anastasdroid Theme

Download CM7 Honeycomb Theme

Honeycomb Theme is one of the CM7 themes that I like. It comes along with BOYPPC-SHIFTPDA GINGER HoneyComB Android ROM. But you can try it too if you are not using it. As long as you have CyanogenMod 7 Android ROM, you can apply this Honeycomb Theme.

CM7 Honeycomb Theme

Download CM7 Sculpted Theme

Love lot of green round circles? CM7 Sculpted Theme is the one for you. It is a simple and clean CM7 theme.

CM7 Sculpted Theme

Download CM7 BuuF Theme

Okay, let’s have something a little bit special ~ CM7 BuuF Theme. After having lot of Sci-Fi themes, this BuuF Theme should give your phone another totally life. Too bad that this theme does not have wallpaper that come along. But you can get one by yourself easily…

CM7 BuuF Theme

Download CM7 NTSense Theme

Want to have fast performance of CyanogenMod 7 and HTC Sense outlook? CM7 NTSense Theme is the one that you need. It is Sense theme built for CM7. Of course, you won’t have all the HTC Sense widgets in this theme. But you will have the look of it. And you can add MIUI FancyWidget Mod to make it even more look like HTC Sense phone.

CM7 NTSense Theme


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