Vinnfier Toros 5 Pro Review – A Budget Gaming Headsets with Lovely RGB Lights!

Looking for a sub RM100 budget gaming headsets with lovely RGB lighting? Vinnfier Toros 5 Pro is the one for you. Powered by 50mm drivers for extra bass. Loaded with adjustable microphone. Light in weight too. Suitable for both mobile and PC usage thanks to included Y-cable. Sound great? Read on to find out…

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Packaging and Design
Vinnfier Toros 5 Pro comes well-protected as other Vinnfier products. Once taken the headsets out, you can find Y-cable for PC or laptop and user manual.

Build quality is decent for the price. Sturdy plastic housing is what you get. Yes, the microphone can be retractable when not in use. And slightly adjustable to suit your needs.

This is the remote control. You can adjust volume level, turn mic and LED light on/off there. There is a mini clip behind it too.

The cable is braided and long enough for you to connect to desktop PC on the floor. It is loaded with 3.5mm CTIA plug and USB port as the power source for LED lights.

Fit, Comfort & Isolation
It is a pleasure to wear Vinnfier Toros 5 Pro for long hours comfortably. All thanks to soft padded large earcups and headband. Light in weight and adjustable headband help too. As for noise isolation, it is below average. Can’t complain much for the price.

Performance Result
Ultra clear and sensitive microphone! Others can hear me loud and clear. Mic on/off switch on the remote is working perfectly too. Overall, the mic is great for team gaming. Furthermore, the RGB lightings are lovely. Stylish and attractive. Bright enough for daylight usage. Perfect for low light environment. Surely level your gaming experience on top of showing off.

As for sound quality, it is decent for the price. Warm sound signature just like most budget gaming headphones. In short, you are getting more bass than treble. Extra bass indeed but still in control. No worry. Basshead that low in budget will love it. Overall, treble is clean. Not bright and sharp. Vocals are getting warm touch which I always prefer. Bass is the star of the show. Pumping here and there. As for soundstage, it is a bit narrow to my taste. Everything is closer to you. Luckily, they are all clear to listen.


  • Decent sound for the price
  • Comfortable for long hour wear
  • Ultra sensitive mic
  • Built-in remote control
  • Lovely RGB lights
  • Suitable for mobile and desktop


  • Below average isolation
  • A bit narrow soundstage

Lovely RGB lights and effects. Ultra sensitive microphone. Sound that close to your ears. Don’t forget the extra bass. Level up your gaming experience with Vinnfier Toros 5 Pro. Get yours at Lazada now.


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