Vivicine K3 In-Depth Review – The Best 2021 Budget 1080p Projector from AliExpress! Period!

Hello everyone, welcome to my YouTube channel. I am Jayce. Glad to see you here. Meet the star today – Vivicine K3. The best budget 1080p LCD projector from AliExpress that I have tested so far. It is very similar to Lenovo L5. Same OEM factory I believe. Alright, let’s have a closer look at it…

Well, that’s all for Vivicine K3 review. An excellent 1080p projector for the price. It has outstanding image quality and great colours. Loud and clear speakers. Perfect for video and great for games. The best budget LCD projector from AliExpress yet. Wait no more and get yours at AliExpress now. Coupon – JAYCE40


  1. Hey man, great detailed review. Also saw the BlitzWolf VP6 replacement, Lenovo Smart Projector L5, since VP6 seems to be no longer for sale on banggoo.
    However, both of em have build in android feature and I was wondering if there was a cheaper non-android version for these.
    Since I wont need the android part and I’d assume that it just adds to the cost and 1k is kinda on the pricier side for me. Cheers.

  2. Hi Jaycee, at last i bought vivicine K3 after some comparison yesterday.
    I hope it’s fulfill my expectation since this is my first projector.
    Now i want to buy the projector screen. Have you any coupon for projector screen? I know you recommended BlitzWolf VS4. Any discount coupon for those item?

    thanks before

  3. ohya , one more thing, why you choose Blitzwolf VS4 since it’s white screen.
    Any other reviewer generally recommended silver screen.
    Thanks before

  4. ok, i see your 2 videos bout screen.
    in terms of image quality , ALR screen (grey) screen is better,
    in terms of viewing angle, white screen is better.
    thank you

  5. Hi Jaycee,
    My Projector not arrived yet because the delay during this pandemi.
    I already bought ALR Screen. I’m planning to make a frame for it.
    Is it better only wood frame or whole background with a whiteboard?

    I saw some videos in Youtube how to enlarge size with same distance using Mirror (similar like short throw). Have you tried it?
    Is it work well without reducing image quality?

    Thanks before

  6. Hi Jaycee,
    I received my Vivicine K3, and like you said it’s good picture and sound quality.
    Right now i’m not finish to setting properly. I still use the keystone and digital zoom to 40%.
    I’m sure it will be better when i settled it properly.
    But with mount ceiling i think it’s hard to avoid keystone.
    Any suggestion to keep away the product from dust?

    Thanks before


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