Xiaomi Smart Weight Scale Review (Video)

Health is the most important thing in life. Controlling weight does not tell the whole story. There are lot of other factors like Body Mass Index (BMI), body fat, water, basal metabolism, bone mass, muscle and visceral fat that affect our health. So I got myself a Xiaomi Smart Weight Body Fat Scale to keep track all of these with Mi Fit app (available on both Android and iOS). It can be used for all the family members too. Sound great? Read this review to find out more…

My sister has a much expensive scale that can scan all these stuffs but end up using it for weight only. Why? It does not have the ability to keep track all the data on application and just showing on scale only. Not so user friendly unlike Xiaomi Smart Weight Scale here. Furthermore, you can buy Xiaomi Smart Weight Scale at GearBest. No reason not to get one for yourself to improve health, right?


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