Do you use Hotlink Active 10? Yes. I do. I was a Hotlink Active 5 user back then. After Hotlink introduce Activ10, i am Activ10 user lo. However, do I benefit from Hotlink Activ10 lately? NO NO NO!!!

Hotlink Activ10

Huh? Why? If you read the fine words at above. *For customers on Hotlink Talk, Hotlink SMS & Hotlink Total rate plans, please be advised that the Off-Peak period for Activ10 Voice & Video Calls on Sundays has been amended to 12 midnight to 10am (previously 12 midnight to 5pm). Note – you can only enjoy this cheap call and SMS during Off-Peak period.

Basically, I don’t have much GHOST friends. So I do not benefit from Hotlink Avtiv10. Did you see the Off-Peak period was changed from “12 midnight to 5pm” to “12 midnight to 10am”? I am sleeping during 12 midnight to 6am. And preparing to office from 6am to 8am. Start working at 8am then. Do I still benefit from Hotlink Activ10???

I really missed previous Hotlink Active 5. Can I have it back? :P

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