How to enable ActiveX in Internet Explorer (IE6, IE7)

Want to load ActiveX content but do not know how to do so? Fear no more… Here are some guide for you.

IE6, IE7

  • Click on ‘Tools’
  • Select ‘Internet Options…’
  • Select ‘Security’ tab.
  • Select Internet in Web content zone.
  • Then, click on ‘Custom Level…’
  • Go through all the ActiveX setting there, select ‘Prompt’ or ‘Enable’. Select ‘Enable’ only if you know what you are doing else leave it to ‘Prompt’ πŸ˜›

Enjoy ActiveX content. πŸ™‚


  1. Actually, there are. He is using IE 7, and if you choose “Enable” for all ActiveX properties, some of them (like the ones pertaining to unsigned active x) result in constant reminders that you have unsafe IE properties.

    There needs to be a way to turn off the security warnings. I don’t have that problem with IE 6 browsers. It seems to only happen with IE 7.

    • Oppps – sorry to say that as of today, April 17th, 2010, Firefox sneaked in a Beta Version 3.6.3 on us and for me NOTHING WORKS. They then expect us to install a reporting system that will report any errors, blocked websites, links that don’t work, and everything else that is now wrong with Firefox. First of all, when I pulled up the error report on things I was getting, it was all gibberish to me. Don’t know why they did this, but bet you a donut, their usage and stock will nose dive on Monday. It was the BEST browser I ever used, and now I am back at IE8, having to reset all my settings and plug-in and all that other crap. But at least it is beginning to work. DO NOT LET FIREFOX AUTOMATICALLY DOWNLOAD ANY UPDATES (there’s an option for that, which I just trusted them about), and if you didn’t get the new version today, don’t ever let them download it. You can’t uninstall it, and you can’t go back.

  2. As it turns out, the solution was to run ‘gpedit.msc’ and change one of the Internet Explorer properties to enable not showing the security popups.

    By the way, I have had a lot of difficulty using Firefox as it doesn’t properly handle such things as remote scripting and other things supported by IE.


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  4. Evening, I have done all the steps listed above.
    But every time I visit a webpage, the activex still being block.
    Any idea on how to turn on activex as always shows?

    Thank you.


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