Download Microsoft .NET Compact Framework 3.5 cab for HTC HD2

Okay, it’s time to tell you the must install applications on HTC HD2. I forgot to do so previously. Microsoft .NET Compact Framework 3.5 is a must install just like the desktop version. Most of the Microsoft mobile applications need it.

Well, you can download Microsoft .NET Compact Framework 3.5 at Microsoft website at 33.3 MB. Besides big file size, you need to install it from desktop PC. It is not a very user friendly method as most of my HTC HD2 applications are in CAB format and store in my microSD card. Luckily, there is lot of good people out there who extracted it into cab version at 2.6MB size only. By the way, DO install it at device storage. And this version should support other Windows Mobile phone like Windows Mobile 5.0, 6.1, 6.5 or 6.5.x too.

Download Microsoft .NET Compact Framework 3.5 cab here.

  • JAYCE! still with HTC! ahhh…. haha. Anyway, you make me wanna get a htc hd2.

  • llh

    hi there thxs for e link πŸ˜€ had been lookin for e cab for quite some time πŸ˜‰

    • You are welcome. πŸ™‚

  • Murat

    Thank you very much i was looking for this

  • ahk

    how do i install on htc hd2 phone

    • Unzip and copy the cab to your phone. Install from phone.

      • Kay Rich

        So what do you do about the previous version? Please email me at

  • Mads

    Trying to install the .cab but after I choose either SD-card or phonememory it tells me that an earlier versioni of .net Core Framework is installed on the phone and that I have to remove the program before I can install this later version.

    Help! Been searching high and low for a fix – but nothing has helped so far πŸ™

    • andrei sweet

      Hi this is andrei i was wondering if you ever got help with .net for you htc hd2. If you have can you help me out cuz i have the same problem. my email is thnx for ur time

      • Arq_Castro

        Same problem here with a HTC Touch 2 :S

        Did you guys solved this issue???

        email me please:


        • mch

          Same problem here, could you give us some advance about it??

          thnxs for your help

  • andrei sweet

    i have the same problem as Mads.


  • Jeff

    Really appreciated.. It’s worked on my HD2..
    Thank again…

  • Same problem here. It tells me I have a prev version of .NET installed. I guess this means I already have it installed and I don’t need this .cab

  • Reza Jivani

    What should one do if the message states that “You already have an earlier version installed, please uninstall before installing this version.”

    • Sorry, I have no idea as I cannot reproduce your issue.

  • Gys

    Will this install on my Samsung Omnia (i900). I have applications that require a newer framework ( My phone is running winmo 6.1 prof)

  • Thulani

    Thanks, It works. Much appreciated. God bless you.

  • naweed

    will this work for win mobile 6.1 for touch viva?

  • naweed

    ok i am confused and i need help i downloaded the setup then what i tried putting the setup in my touch viva but its .msi file and cant be downloaded and i cant find the .cab file so please help me…

  • Washika

    Awesome.. bought the HD2 a few days ago and Kept annoying me with the .Net framework message anytime I got a new app

  • jona

    great!!! huge help… thanks so much πŸ™‚

    • jona

      can you please help me how to run .exe on my htc hd2. been trying many times, but i always failed. thanks!

      • Sorry… Can you explain in detail which .exe failed to run?

        • jona

          I usually get free application with .exe as a file name. It doesn’t work on my htc. is there any program that converts .exe to .cab? thank so much jayce.

          • If that .exe program file is for Windows Mobile (not installer), just copy to your phone and click to run it.

            Sorry, I don’t know any program that can converts .exe to cab yet.

  • VeniceQueen


  • Are

    Thank you man!! I’ve tried to solve the .net framwork-problem for a couple of days. Finally i made it with help from you!

  • Siyamack

    Olz pay moreattention 2 wm6.5 than android

  • HD2

    thank you…

  • Praneeth Srinivas

    Thanks a lottttt 4 this …. πŸ™‚

  • aambm

    I am really thankful

  • alaa

    thanks alot i want it

  • Having .net framework problem for LPC3250 ARMV4I, WIN CE 6.0 environment…Wat to do???
    Pls reply

  • hotplatypus

    while downloading .net framework, user name and password of spblogger is requested……….how can i manage that???

    • Sorry, I cannot duplicate your issue. Are you downloading it from this page?

  • santanu

    can u give me the .cab file of inthehand .net ???? how to run an .exe file in my wm6?
    ? I have tried to copy the file in my mobile but failed .help me asap.

  • santanu

    may I have the latest version of .net com for wm6???? I m using .net frame 3.5cab but some of my programme need the latest version . can u also provide sqlite .cab & inthehand .net cab???????? I haven’t received my previous quiries.

    • No answer because I don’t understand what you want…

  • santanu

    I am looking for microsoft .net compact 3.5 latest version . I am already using your .net compact cab software but I am looking for a latest version . can u also provide sqlite software & inthehand .net software for my window mobile 6????? I think I am using a simple english. thnx

  • Milton

    i think microsoft has problems with this link…i just tried download it from severam websites and download stops 36% πŸ™

  • santanu

    hi jaycee,
    tnx for reply. one more problem- I have installed .net compackt 3.5 cab software from your website. but whenever i have tried to run on my gigabyte gsmart i 128 mobile it’s showing the errors message – stop all the application & process & then install again. my device is also getting very slow. how to improved ????.

    • Sorry, I have no idea on gigabyte gsmart i 128 mobile.

  • Markpogi

    thanks a ton jayce

  • santanu


    wheather the microsoft .net compackt 3.5 cab software was working fine which I had downloaded from your website . but after reboot & reset my wm6, I m unable to use it again. u don’t have any idea about giigabyte gsmart i 128 mobile but I m sure u can solve this error message– pls stop all the application & process then install again. pls help me.

    • Yes, the file is coming from Microsoft for ARM CPU mobile device like HTC HD2. Is gigabyte gsmart i 128 mobile using ARM CPU? If not, please use the full version from Microsoft website.

  • santanu


    yes my device does support arm cab software which indicates that it has arm cpu. anyway I m giving some details —– device id- ppc v1.16.59
    ce os.5.2.1437(build17944.0.3.1)
    processor– P*A272— 416 Mhz.
    one more question — my device has external gps. does it mean this support gps???? can I b able to use google map? if not, what will b the solve??
    pls help me especially .net compackt 3.5 cab software which is Very essential .

    • Sorry, I have no idea in this case. You better install the full version from Microsoft. And yes, you can use Google Maps if you have GPS supported.

  • santanu

    which is the best??? 1) window mobile , 2) andoid 3) smart phone

    • Personally, I prefer Android.

  • santanu


    some of my jpg photoes (camera picture , stored in msd card slot) suddenly changed into .menc file & can’t open through my wm6. is there any possibility to recover those photoes !???
    do u have any weather report watcher software & I want to see it on my today screen .

  • manjunath

    hi i ve samsung windows mobile 6.5… but unable to install ….
    its showing uninstall later version… tell me how to upgrade … its urgent
    its showing a later version of the .net compact framework is already installed. if you want to install this version , first remove the existing version….
    how to remove later version tell me… very very urgent

  • karan

    jayce plZ help me to update my htc hd2
    OS VERSION 5.2.21868(21869.5.0.82)
    MANILA 2.5.19211619
    ROM VERSION 1.48.479.1(71294)WWE
    ROM DATE 11/18/09
    thank u…..

    • Download the latest ROM from HTC website and follow its guide there to update.

  • abd2076

    tank you

  • dhanraj

    hello sir!!
    cud u plz suggest me which version is best for htc hd2 t8585.

    plz send me the link for downloading the same.

    • v3.5 should be the latest one.

  • Munanga Munsaka

    Thank you Joyce ever so much for the link.I have been looking for this cab for quite sometime since most of the software I download need this net framework.Thanks once again.

  • thywill

    jayce please how can i download and install watsapp on htc 7380 touch pro 2

    • Hi thywill, I don’t think this device can support it.