Download MIUI Stock Android ROM for HTC HD2

Yeah… I like MIUI Android ROM for HTC HD2. It turns my HTC HD2 into iPhone. Well, it has iPhone style interface. MIUI Android ROM was designed for Google Nexus One and HTC Desire and in Chinese. But XDA developer, domineus ported it as English for HTC HD2. It is based on EVO Kernel and using CyanogenMod on FroYo 2.2.1. Beta testing is in progress. So do expect bugs from time to time…

Issues that I faced… 3G data connection is not working. Time zone cannot be selected (known issue but can be fixed with TimeZone Changer from Market [thanks to uptown]). Can’t wait for the next release as this build is cool. Interface is lot better than other CM6 build out there.

Installation guide ~ How to install Android 2.2 Froyo on HTC HD2?

Download MIUI Stock Build PORT 11.05 PPP English ROM here.

  • Jayce, you have been using both iPhone and android. Do you think iphone GUI is responsive and less lagging as compared to Android? I”m just wondering…

    • Compare Android on HTC HD2 (not actual Android phone) and iPhone 4, iPhone GUI response is faster. Maybe due to less animation.

      • Have you tried the actual Android phone before? How is that compare to iPhone? I have impression that iPhone is better (in terms of GUI respond).

  • winston

    hi Jayce,
    i got a friend who bough his HD2 in US and are back in penang. he has flash his radio with custom one. being using it few weeks. But now he was unable to boot into windows. no matter how he do , it will not boot up. It will hang in the 3 color bar ( red….) do you have any recovery stuff that would help him to settle this? thank you

    • Try hard reset it first. If still cannot, flash a new Windows Mobile ROM.

      • winston

        he had tried the 2 method already. Guess there is nothing else to do ??

        • Failed to flash custom WinMo ROM? Does it has hardSPL installed?

          • winston

            yes done already, use original one also cannot. seems crash the whole phone already. So the only way i think is to install from memory card? but he do not know how to do it anymore.

  • uptown

    Dear Jayce,

    Found a solution to change time zone.

    I nearly gave up MIUI after it mess up with my calendar time because of time zone bugs.

    after applying this software, i am good to go with MIUI.

    I never had 3G data connection problem. The only thing i noticed is the “H” sign did not show up when connecting to hsdpa.

    • Cool… Going to try TimeZone Changer later.

      What did you set in APN? I cannot make 3G data connection to work on Celcom.

      • uptown

        @ Jayce,

        I am using maxis. Don’t know if this make any difference compare to celcom.

        Below are settings i extracted over the web. Both for MMS and Data connection settings.

        Maxis APN
        1) Home -> Menu -> Settings -> Wireless & networks -> Mobile networks -> Access Points Name
        2) Menu -> New APN
        Name = Maxis(3G)
        APN = unet
        Username = maxis
        MMSC =
        MMS proxy =
        MMS port = 80
        APN type = default,mms
        (Others, leave blank)

        DiGi APN
        1) Home -> Menu -> Settings -> Wireless & networks -> Mobile networks -> Access Points Name
        2) Menu -> New APN
        Name : DiGi Internet
        APN: diginet
        MCC: 502
        MNC: 16
        APN Type: default
        (Others, blank)

        DIGI MMS
        APN: digimms
        username: mms
        password: mms
        Port: 80
        MMS Proxy:
        MMS Port: 80
        MCC: 502
        MNC: 16
        APN Type: mms

        Celcom APN
        1) Home -> Menu -> Settings -> Wireless & networks -> Mobile networks -> Access Points Name
        2) Menu -> New APN
        Name : Celcom 3G
        APN : celcom3g
        MMS Proxy :
        MMS Port : 8080

        Hope it works for you.

        • Thanks for the info. My mistake. Celcom 3G is working now. Might be connection issue during my testing last time. ๐Ÿ˜›

  • uptown

    Opps! sorry duplicated!Kindly delete. thanks

  • Ahn

    So far this is the best build that i have used. I hope it remains stable. I have tried a few and they are all better then win mo, but this one seems to take the cake! Good Job!

  • Amelia Gerstaphowitcz

    Yes I have this on my psp as well, it turn your psp into an phone. Really great app for using mobile phone as a game unit.Why buy a xox or a wii as yoyr htc hd2 can be that all in your hand. It occurred to me that htc is much much better than iphone. Because iphone is just well..if you want more like a pc in your hand yoyushould buy a htc. My sun has one and he say it’s a rackka-tacka-machine and I can hear him scraming: ‘I luuuf you momma, this thang is biaaatch slappin’haaad core!” So now you know from a prohibited and loving mum!

    Cheers! Love and regards
    Amelia Gerstaphowitcz

  • shairul

    Hi there, my htc hd have setting i had received mms. Can open the photo. I did do setting celcom zmmms setting bit the setting interupt my current setting. Kindly please advice

    • Sorry, I don’t get you. What is your issue?

  • shairul

    Hi Jayce, currently my setting for mobile bit unfortunately i cant received any mms. Do youyou have any idea to solve this matter. Thanks