Download Polaris Office 5 for Android Free

Wow… Polaris Office 5 by InfraWare is coming faster than I thought. Yes, you can download and install Polaris Office 5 for free on your Samsung Galaxy S4 now. No need to use Polaris viewer 5 anymore and unleash the ability to edit office documents like Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF. Hmm… The current version of Polaris Office 5 does not seem to support cloud service such as Google Docs, Dropbox and yet. Hopefully, future version will support it soon.

Polaris Office 5 for Android

Download free at Samsung Apps

So what are you waiting for? Download Polaris Office 5 for Android at Samsung Apps now. Look for Apps select by Samsung category. Enjoy…

  • KIBI

    i have problems using s-voice on my galaxy s4. it keep saying “i didn’t hear that, please say it again”. no matter how loud i talk to it, still same result. do you have any idea to solve this?

  • Ken

    It is interesting that Polaris Office 5 on my note 3 has a setting to allow “cloud import over 3G/LTE networks” if it doesn’t have any cloud capabilities.


    Dear to whom concerns, this is Bau Pham I was purchased Samsung galaxy note Pro 12.2 SM- P901
    every thing good, except the offices pre-installed that is HANCOM OFFICE, it is did not work right.
    so I need your help with Polaris Office 5, if you can help, I am really exciting appreciate,
    thank you, I looking forward to your reply
    Bau Pham

    • Sorry Bau, Polaris Office 5 is not available for your device.

  • it’s really a great app, i am using it from so many days, really good experience thanks for sharing

  • Сашо Цветаноски

    hello ,j have big problem to fine pdf reader on play store which will show cirilik letters on pdf file please for help.

  • Сашо Цветаноски

    j have asus zenfone 2